Alphathon 2012

A new year, a new blogging challenge and something I’m very excited about. I present to you the Alphathon. Twenty-six days, twenty-six letters…that’s right, it’s an Alphabet Blogathon.

Over the next month my fellow bloggers and I will be blogging about various subjects depending on the day. We’ve each written a list of ideas that fit with each letter day and on said day we will each choose ONE theme out of all three options. That’s not one theme between us, so we could all end up with very different themes one day, whilst on another day we might all coincidentally choose the exact same theme.

Got it? Great. Let’s go!

Pegs Masterlist

Animal adoption – what animals would you like to adopt/save from extinction and why?

Boats – describe a boat trip.

Crafts – make something, tell us about something you’ve made or about something you’d like to make.

Dragons – what mythical creatures do you wish existed in the real world?

Extreme Sports – do you like doing any? If not, what would you like to do?

Food – favourite food: starter, main, dessert, snack.

Green space – how much green space do you wish to have in your life? Country or city girl?

Hotels – if you could own a hotel and had unlimited funds; what things would you provide?

Igloo – would you stay in an igloo if you had the chance? How about other ‘strange’ house type things? House boats? Yurts? Treehouses?

Jokes – do what you want with this one.

KKK – white supremacy, opinion?

Letter – write a letter to the world.

Marmite – three things you love and three things you hate.

Nightmares – what was the last nightmare you had?

Order of the British Empire – who do you think deserves an honour from the Queen?

Photos – take a photograph of something awesome/random.

Questions – ask 5 questions that you would like your fellow bloggers/anyone else to answer.

Recipes – share a recipe!

Sing-along – what’s your favourite song to sing along to?

Tweet – share some of your favourite tweets from your feed.

Underground – if you could live underground what would your home be like?

Van Gogh – show us your artistic ability or tell us about it.

Words – what are your favourite words? Both in English and in any other languages.

X-rays – have you ever had an x-ray?

Yesterday – what three things did you like about yesterday?

Zero gravity – what do you think it’d be like floating in space? Would you like to try it?


One thought on “Alphathon 2012

  1. I love that between us we’ve managed (already) to come up with over 70 different themes and hardly overlapped at all. Excited to see who picks what on each day!

    Some really good ones in here I’m looking forward to trying, it’s gonna be tough to choose!!!!

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