Alphathon: Certificate of Awesome!

Another day, another letter, another blog!

We’ve reached the letter C. A letter that is mixed in acceptance and love. Some like it, some don’t. As you can see I have used several letter Cs in this post alone, and not just saying the letter C. Without C we have no acceptance, no appreciation…and no certificate of awesome. So, despite its flaws, there are some good things about it.

So, without further ado, I have made THREE certificates of awesome. The aim was to create one for myself, but I thought I’d also make one for my fellow blogathonites.

(Click on the thumbnails to see the bigger certificates.)

Today’s theme was brought to you by Katy P. Check out her awesome blog, as well as Katy S’s awesome blog! Links on the right.


5 thoughts on “Alphathon: Certificate of Awesome!

  1. Hear hear to all of this! Sometimes you just need to take a step back and realise how awesome you are, good for you gorgeous lady! Proud, very proud! x

  2. Gah I did that thing where I tried to delete a word and it deleted a whole paragraph, oops! Thanks SO much for my lovely certificate, and very much agree with Katy’s also. Loves all round…if we were in Hollywood it would be air cheek kissing till the cows came home!

    1. LOL! It happens!

      Yes, when I saw this was one of the options I thought it’d be fun to do and do it I did. I thought I can’t keep the certificate of awesomeness to myself so I had to spread it around.

      Air cheek kissing til the cows come home? Haha. How dixie chick!!! You can do that soon!!!

  3. D’awwww Peg these are amazing! Like a proper ‘tificate! I might even print mine off and put it on my noticeboard with the fairies!

    You have made some major decisions in your life recently, and I am through the roof proud of you for doing so and to see you are too makes me even happier 😀

    And Katy’s ‘tificate is spot on, so flipping lovely!!!

    1. When I make things I like them to look authentic, haha, I’m not sure why. So I popped onto Google and looked up different certificates, bit random. Hahaha, really? Awesome!

      Thanks, again, I really appreciate how proud of me you are!!! 😀 Even if some of it still scares me. It’s not officially in my plans to have moved to Bristol by this time next year…

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