Alphathon: Fill in the __________!

This is a little embarrassing…not only did I mix up my alphabet (see Katy S, you’re not the only one!) but I missed out MY LETTER. You know how you associate the first letter of your name to be of significance to you because it’s in your name? Yeah…I forgot the F.

And since I talked about food on Eday I can’t choose my own theme…as much as I like talking about holidays it’s one of those days where I can’t be bothered to really talk about myself. Soo, hello there filling in the blanks.

And now I find myself with the hardest theme, how hard is it to fill in blanks? Apparently difficult. Maybe it’s because I write and having to fill in blanks was like having to constrict myself to something I couldn’t control? I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve done very well.


I wish I could ______________ a time when I was __________. A time like the day when
_____________ ______________ and ____________. It made me feel ________________, like I could ______________. That same day, ______________ ______________ until it was
______________. ______________ said it was ______________ and ______________.

We______ and _____ till _________. I know I thought ______________ would ______________ ______________. There was never another ______________ like that. ______________! I _______ and will always __________.


I wish I could picture a time when I was green. A time like the day when
men swam and danced. It made me feel ridiculous, like I could scream. That same day, men floated until it was dark. They said it was enjoyable and chilling.

We danced and swam till daybreak. I know I thought this would last forever. There was never another night like that. Splendid! I danced and will always swim.


Please check out the Katys blogs, Fday is probably so much better than mine… *goes off to read/comment*


One thought on “Alphathon: Fill in the __________!

  1. I love this exercise, because you will always come up with something unique even when given a template! I did it as part of a course type thing I took part in last year, my one was very relationship centric though…*ahem*

    I wish I could travel back to a time when we were both at uni. A time like the day when
    I turned up to your halls unnanounced and took you by surprise. It made me feel so safe and loved to know no matter what was going on in Bristol you were there just across the bridge. Like I could get on train and escape my life for one far less complicated. Just two young people having fun. That same day we walked down Albany Road until it was dark and we were both freezing. We sat on a park roundabout and watched the clouds racing across the sky. I said it was like the stars were moving, like in my favourite poem and you said it was the Aliens attacking! Where’s the Doctor when you need him?! I know I thought I would always remember it was a magical night. There was never another walk quite like that. One of those nights where I needed fixing and once again you were the only one qualified to do so.

    I added a few sentences and took others out for this fill in the blanks, but the basics are the same. I asked my boyfriend at the time to fill one in too and his was different again. Tis an interesting exercise really 🙂

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