Alphathon: Guilty Pleasure? Get lost!

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. That’s why I’m choosing today’s blog theme as guilty pleasures. Not because I have many things to share with you, but because in theory I don’t.

I’ve always (at least since I was a teenager) firmly believed that what you like is what you like and if anyone has a problem with that, well, as the title says, they can get lost.

In school I liked S Club 7, most of my friends didn’t and to them it was one of those things that was considered a bit ‘sad’. But what constitutes sad? Everyone (well, a percentage of the country) like to use the phrase “I know it’s sad, but…” well, why is it sad? What makes it sad? Is it sad because you’re ashamed of liking it? Is it sad because you assume others will think you’re odd if you admit to liking it without that get out of jail free clause?

I honestly believe the “I know it’s sad, but…” phrase comes from our inherent desire to please others and to have them like us, regardless of what we consider to be our flaws.

Well, I say screw them.

If you can’t admit to liking S Club 7, because you do and not because you “know it’s sad” then where is your confidence in yourself and your likes and dislikes?

By saying “I like S Club 7” you’re not saying to the world “you must like them too” you’re saying “I like them and if you don’t, that’s fine, but I do, so please respect that”.

So there we have it folks, guilty pleasures…why make them guilty? If you like them, like them, if you love them, love them, if you’re ashamed of them? Next time you want to cower in a corner and say “I know it’s sad, but…” try standing up with pride and say “I love…respect it or piss off!”


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