Alphathon: hip hip hooray it’s my birthday…last Monday

Hip hip hooray, it’s my birthday today!

Well, actually, no. It was on Monday, but I decided to avoid all things on that day and so I’m now considerably behind.

I’m here to talk about birthday cake though.

I love cake.

I always have really.

I’m not a big fan of icing so those shop bought cakes with heaps of icing always make me want to cry a little. The cake itself is lovely, the icing? No thanks.

Chocolate cake is much more my style.

I tend to get lots of Marks and Spencer’s cakes, which is fine with me. There’s this yummy round chocolate cake that had white, dark and milk chocolate swirl things on the edge, soo yummy.

I got one of those this year.

But only after asking my mum to buy me cake.

I was a little disappointed I must say that she didn’t realise I wanted cake anyway. She knows I like cake.

The best cake, in the history of birthday cake, in my opinion…is Colin the Caterpillar.

Have you ever seen Colin? Yum!

He’s basically a large swiss role covered in chocolate and decorated to look like a caterpillar. They also used to make a train version. I remember having both when I was younger.

A few years ago I asked for caterpillar cake for my birthday but my mum couldn’t find it.

I asked for it for about three years in a row until she finally found me one…and it was the best thing ever.

I don’t know what it is about it, it’s not like the cake itself is anything special. I much prefer homemade cake in that respect. But Colin the Caterpillar cake makes me happy.

Find out about Katy, Katy and Lauren’s most memorable cakes, or maybe they decided to share their happy thoughts, or even what they would buy for a hotel if they had unlimited funds to kit one out. Go!


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