Alphathon: The Journey of Life

Life is a journey, it’s full of destinations but ultimately, it’s like travelling the world. It’s a long way and it can be tough sometimes, but in the long run, you go through some good times, you see some amazing things and you come out of it feeling like it was amazing.

It’s hard to think of an exact journey I’ve been through, a physical journey, an emotional journey…there’s been many.

The last year has probably been my biggest emotional journey. I’ve been very, very low and I’ve been very vulnerable. I’ve struggled to make it through some moments and other moments still make me feel unbelievably sad.

But there’s been some good times too.

I realised who I am, that I’m gay. I’ve looked deep inside of myself, I’ve battled my demons and I’ve fought back against the powerful grip of depression.

I am still on my journey and I know it’s probably not going to be truly over for a long while.

But it’s been interesting.

I’m sorry these blogs aren’t so good. I’m feeling really contemplative and weird, after seeing those idiots from school. I don’t have much to say, really.


One thought on “Alphathon: The Journey of Life

  1. Stop apologising madam! When I set this theme my head was thinking more along the lines of this sort of journey, rather than a physical one from a-b. You’re right, life is a long ol’ road and you need to enjoy the twists and turns as well as random stops. This year has been a big one for you, one I hope you’re very proud of and will look back on one day and realise how amazing you were during.

    Chin up chicka xx

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