Alphathon: Meat? What’s that? KIDDING!

There are people in this world who like to tell others “I’m a vegetarian” and brag/complain/rant about how bad meat is for a person and the like. It’s almost bad to admit you like meat in some ways. I mean, people accept that others eat meat, but no one ever seems to admit to loving it more than anything else.

I wonder why that is.

I am, as I often tell people, a meat eater.

I’m a carnivore (well maybe I’m an omnivore, but I’d be happy being a carnivore). I believe I was given certain types of teeth in order to eat meat. I love meat and I’ll never stop eating it.

So move over vegetarians, I’m a meat eater and like you, I’m proud to admit to my dietary needs. No ever puts that on a dietary requirements sheet though, do they?!

However, saying that I love meat, I do have my limites.

I love chicken, I like beef, I’m okay with a bit of lamb and I really do quite like bacon and sausages.

Put a duck or rabbit in front of me and I’ll walk out.

Send veal my way and I’ll literally want to be sick.

I guess, the way I see it, I like “standard” meat and I’m more than happy to munch on it.

Sooo…chicken tonight anyone?


3 thoughts on “Alphathon: Meat? What’s that? KIDDING!

  1. No meat, no meal! (I say this a lot though I’m quite happy to have a meat free day or two every now and again really).

    All comes down to live and let live again doesn’t it? Though that does actually pose a question, if you had to kill your meat of choice yourself before you ate it would you still be so keen?

    1. Hear hear!!!

      I agree…and well, that’s an interesting question and one that I actually do have an answer to.

      The world, today, exists where I don’t have to kill animals to get meat.

      If the world was how it used to be, where people had to kill for their food, then I would be used to that way of living.

      I think that whilst it’s acceptable to ask ‘would you still eat meat?’ the issue is that we don’t have to do that anymore, so for me it’s not something that really matters.

      Realistically though, if I was stuck on an island with another human and they’d died of naturally causes…chances are I would choose to eat the meat from their bones because in a situation like that it’s a case of life or death.

      I like meat too much and dislike a lot of vegetables enough that I would have to get used to killing animals if I absolutely couldn’t get meat any other way.

      1. I guess it’s just something that interests me personally. I would like to go hunting one day, to kill the food and then eat it. I’ve done it with fish lots of times, and eggs (not in the same league) but not with anything else. I feel like it would make me appreciate my food more, where it comes from and the work which goes into preparing it, as well as what my ancestors did to survive. I know growing the vegetables I eat, and picking fruit from the trees and bushes at work had that affect on me…would just be interesting to see if I could actually do it with a living, breathing animal as well.

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