Alphathon: Killer Smile and Murder on the Mind

Killing time is something I do a lot, mostly because being unemployed means I have a lot of time to kill.

Quite frankly, some of it I spend killing not just time, but people as well…fictionally speaking, of course.

Aside from being a writer there’s a number of different things I do with my time to help it to pass.

I spend a lot of time wallowing, getting frustrated and wishing time would pass because I’m bored, unfortunately.

However, when I do find things to do, well, here’s a list:

the internet: let’s face it, like most people, the internet takes up a portion of my time, probably more than most people. I can sit on the computer for hours and hours and hours and somehow I managed to still find things to do, most of the time.

television: sometimes I watch television more than others, it depends. Currently I’ve got into watching most of the programmes on E4 in the daytime. That’s Life Unexpected, 90210, Desperate Housewives and Greek. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave much room in half my day for much else, so I’ve taken to recording them and watching them later.

foooooood: I love, love, love food and I love to cook. So sometimes I just spend part of the day making awesome food for myself and sometimes my parents too. I really need to stop baking cakes and things though, or I’ll get fat.

dvds: occasionally I kill time by watching a dvd from my collection, it’s quite extensive in that I have a large-ish number of them. I filled 4 rows of my new bookshelves with them anyway.

arts and crafts: I dip into various different arts and crafts from time to time, from sewing to painting, I like to do it all. Having got calligraphy pens for my birthday I’ve started doing a bit of that and also pen and ink drawing, which is soo much fun. I have another canvas, so after the success(Katy S?) of the dinosaur sitting on a rainbow, I need to find something else to pain…any ideas?

games: I like to play games, mostly online games or computer games generally like the Sims. I’ve also played a few hidden object games recently because my mum really likes them and the ones she has can be played on multiple computers.

cycling: obviously this is something I’ve just taken up but I love to go out and peddle as fast as I can down the road, it’s exhilarating and wonderful. I got up to 37kmph the other day, that was amazing.

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