Alphathon: Van Bond

Well, maybe not.

The choices for today’s blog weren’t really inspiring me enough, sorry Katy and Katy but star signs are something I no longer care much for and I hardly ever win anything. So I’m going with my own theme Van Gogh – your artistic ability.

I saw a Van Gogh at the National Gallery in London, it was the most amazing thing ever. I’ve checked it off my list of things to do before I die.

I’m not quite in the same leagues as the famous painters or artists, but I have done a few things I’m proud of over the years.

Here are a couple of pictures I drew in the last few weeks.



My original intention for today’s blog was to draw Katy and Katy…but for some reason the picture of Katy P I chose wouldn’t play ball and she ended up looking alien shaped so I didn’t finish or even really started that one. As for Katy S, well, she SMILES TOO MUCH. That’s right, smiles too much. I struggle to draw teeth without them looking wrong and yet I only found one picture of Katy where she wasn’t smiling. It wasn’t an easy one to attempt to draw either. It really isn’t very good and looks odd as the image was close up so there’s no hair, or chin, so apologies…

The final picture I will share is one that I am utterly proud of and it’s lived on my bedroom wall. I drew it for GCSE art (which was the only GCSE I got an A for), it is of Paul from S Club 7 – note that he has neither teeth nor eyes in this. 😀 Wooo. Seriously, those seem to be the things I struggle with the most.

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Alphathon: Usually/Unusually

Katy asked us to complete the sentence ‘Unusually, I don’t…’ so here it is…with a slight twist.



Usually I don’t sing in public,

Or dance among my peers.

Usually I don’t tell people,

How it is I feel.


Usually I don’t take big risks,

Like approaching those I don’t know.

Usually I don’t want to go outside,

Especially if I’m feeling low.


Usually I don’t make snap decisions,

I analyse my world a great deal.

Usually I like to press bruises,

Before they’ve even healed.


Usually I wish I could do more,

But never find the time.

Usually I hope more than doing,

Look up instead of climb.


Unusually I don’t do the things,

That others usually do.

I have a little question,

Do you usually do them too?



So world, you know what to do, links on the right…

An Open Letter to Someone Who May Never Read This

I want you to know that I’m angry.

I’m angry because you left without much explanation and you didn’t even say goodbye.

You said you’d keep in contact. But you didn’t.

You told me you’d never do that, you said you’d always find a way to contact me and you haven’t.

I’m angry because you know how much you mean to me, you know how much I rely on you being a part of my life. You know all of that and yet you still left.

I know there are reasons why and I fully understand the potential reasons why, but I always make excuses for other people’s actions. None of that stops me from being hurt and angry by this.

I just needed you to know that I’m angry at you for doing everything you said you wouldn’t do.

I feel let down because I thought I meant more to you than this.

And most of all I miss you more every single day that not you’re in it.

But I’m still angry that this is what our time together has come to.

Alphathon: Teleport me…please?

If I could fly away to some other world, be teleported in a spaceship or transported via TARDIS, I’m not even sure where I would want to go. There’s lots of places I would love to visit – Australia, all of the states of the USA (bar the ones I’ve been to, except I need to revisit California and also visit the other Ivy League schools so I’d have to go back to New York at least too), Italy maybe, Greece, I’d quite like to visit the Greek island that was used as the inspiration and in the film of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. It’s beautiful.

Right now though, part of me just wants to go back to Bristol. I want to go and not have to worry about money or where I’m staying or anything. I just want to be there, to see what it’s like living in that beautiful city for at least a short period of time. If I could be teleported there right now, I totally would do it. Forget Beavers, forget everything. It would be wonderful.

I don’t really have much to say on this subject…I just wish I could find a job and/or some money so that I could go back there soon.

I will now catch up with reading the other girls’ work because I’m totally behind and it’s not very fair.

Alphathon: As told by Kenan, Tia, Tommy and Arthur.

There are soo many television programmes that I adored as a pre-teen and even as a teenager. I’ve always been a huge fan of children’s television, long before it all became a little bit less good. It makes me sad because before they stopped showing children’s television on CBBC and CITV I thought it was great. Perhaps part of realising it’s not so great is me growing up, but part of me honestly believes that children’s television just isn’t the same anymore.

Exhibit A: Kenan and Kell – who loves orange soda? K, k, k, kelllll loves orange soda. Is it true? Mm-hmm, I do, I do, I doo-oooo. What’s not to like? Actually, looking back, it drove me crazy. I hated the episode where they won the lottery and lost the ticket. But back then it was everything it needed to be. It was fun, it was funny and it was so wonderful. I even had my own orange soda thing. Who love ice pops? F, f, f, Fiona love ice pops. Is it true? Mm-hmm, I do, I do, I doo-ooo.

Exhibit B: Sister Sister – Tia and Tamara were perhaps two of the greatest sisters that ever lived. What genius that programme was. And you know what, it was a programme where race didn’t matter. Kenan and Kell and Sister Sister both had African-Americans are the helm and there wasn’t any issue what so ever. It seems there’s less programmes like that these days. It’s all about inclusion and multiculturalism and not so much about telling honest stories. And being able to see Tia and Tamara on Twitter now, talking about their current lives, such a great end to a fantastic time of my life.

Exhibit C: The Rugrats – if you were a pre-teen or a child or even a teenager during the Rugrats era, you will understand. I don’t know what the appeal was of talking cartoon babies but appeal it had. It makes me sad that a lot of children’s television is computer generated and full of CGIs because Rugrats, proper cartoons, that’s where it’s always been at for me.

Exhibit D: Arthur – speaking of cartoons, as a teenager I used to watch Arthur, even into adulthood. I loved Arthur, I loved that they never got older (a bit like the Simpsons). The only thing I hate is that they made a computer generated film…and it just wasn’t the same.

Exhibit E: As Told By Ginger – you may not have any idea what this programme was, but it was another cartoon. Only it wasn’t your average cartoon. It was a cartoon aimed at pre-teens. It told the story of Ginger Foutley and she wasn’t your average pre-teen either. Not the standard American pre-teens that were and still are spread across the television. She was smart and she was unpopular and she was really, really, quite like me. I’ll always remember the episode where they talked about the comfort zone (something which I’ve had a lot of love and admiration for) and in the theme tune it goes “someone once told me the grass was much greener on the other side, and I paid a visit, well it’s possible I missed it. It seemed different yet exactly the same. Til further notice, I’m in between. From where I’m standing, my grass is green.” I just found it such an inspiring cartoon, full of hope and maturity that wasn’t in a lot of other television. Sure it had comedy – Ginger’s friend singing “I’m a little seal girl living in the real world and it’s so hard to get by, cause seals can’t even cry” was terribly endearing (so says the popular girl during that episode) and was rather humorous but also extremely sad. I’ll always remember As Told By Ginger as the one programme from my childhood that changed me, that spoke to me, that made me want to be the person I was becoming. It wasn’t a bit of silly fun like Kenan and Kell, it wasn’t talking babies, it wasn’t talking aardvarks. It was real life, my version of life, captured in pictures.

If you want to even understand a glimpse of what As Told By Ginger was about, watch this clip, of a poem that Ginger wrote.

I wonder if I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane with the other girls’ blogs, or whether they’ll be sharing their favourite sing-a-longs, or perhaps something that someone has to say. Check them out, links on the right.

Alphathon: Rapid, rambling radishes…not really, CHOCOLATE CAKE.

FOOOOD! As you may have all gathered by now, food is something I love dearly. If there’s anything I love more than eating food, it’s making it. My favourite thing to bake is most definitely cake.

For Christmas I got a book which had hundreds of different cake recipes in it and at New Year I made, what I consider to be, the best chocolate cake ever. I hardly ever experiment with different kinds of cakes but I’ve really enjoyed doing so in recent months. I actually told Katy S that if the cake worked out I would give her the recipe but never did.

So today, as part of the theme I brought to the Alphathon – recipes – I’m going to share it with you all.

If you like to bake and you like to eat chocolate cake, this is definitely worth trying.

The recipe is actually for mocha chocolate cake, though I don’t like coffee so I substitute the coffee for vanilla essence/extract.


260g (9oz) chocolate – it suggests dark but I tend to use 1 and a half bars of milk and half a bar of dark, then use the excess to melt and cover the cake. 3 standard large sized bars of chocolate works, I buy ASDAs own.

170g (6oz) butter

200g (7oz) caster sugar

3 eggs

70g (2.5oz) flour – it suggests plain flour but I always use self raising, I actually used sponge self raising flour, extra fine

2tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 2tbsp boiling water – or a capful or more of vanilla essence/extract

What to do?

Melt the chocolate and butter together – it suggests putting it in a heatproof bowl over a pan, or you can do it in the microwave. If you use the microwave then melt the chocolate halfway before adding the butter as that melts a lot faster.

Leave to cool for 5 minutes.

Stir in the sugar, beat in the eggs (a bit at a time) then sift the flour into the mixture and fold it in.

It suggests adding the coffee then, if you use vanilla you can either add the vanilla then or you can add it earlier when you add the eggs.

Bake the cake in a greased tin for 55 minutes on Gas Mark 3/160 degrees centigrade, until it’s firm on top with a slight wobble in the centre. I tend to check on it after 45 minutes. It’s worth putting on a reasonably low shelf – so about halfway in the oven – so that the top doesn’t burn. It might need a little longer than 55 minutes, simply keep an eye on it after 45 minutes.

As I said earlier I use the excess chocolate to melt and spread over the top of the cake.

Be warned that the cake is very sickly so you don’t want to top it with too much. The recipe suggests serving it with cream which might be a good idea. You don’t want a huge piece though, seriously, you’ll regret it later.

I wonder what the other ladies have come up with…don’t forget to have a look at their blogs, links on the right.

Alphathon: Quick Quack Dinorawrs

You want a quick, five minute story about Dinorawrs? Well, here it is, it’s random, it’s weird and quite frankly, it kind of sucks. But ah well…GO DINORAWRS.

“Dinorawrs, Dinorawrs hear us sing, Dinorawrs, Dinorawrs you’re the kings.”

Fillula the diplodocus danced across the side of the school football field with her pom poms high and her smile never fading. When they finished the cheer she ordered the other girls on the squad to sit down and watch the game. It was the most important night of the Dinorawrs season and she was so excited to watch her boyfriend Tee the T-rex defeat their opponents.

‘Babe,’ he shouted, running towards her and wrapping his arms around her. She squealed and relaxed in his embrace, kissing him briefly on the lips before sending him back out to do his job.

‘Good luck Tee, you can win this for us.’

‘For you babe, for you,’ he grinned, running off to join his teammates on the field.

By the end of the game the Dinorawrs had thrashed their opponents, hardly surprising as they’d won every game of the season and the Stegorawrs were pretty tame in comparison. Tee came off the field with a grin on his face and sweat pouring down his scales, he lifted Fillula into his arms and span her around.

‘I’m so proud of you Tee.’

‘So you should be babe, we’re the Dinorawrs and we will win every single time.’

‘You’re going to win tonight in the bedroom too,’ she giggled, kissing him again.


I wonder what my fellow Bloggers have written about today… or on Friday, since I’m behind