Alphathon: Pegs

If anyone else wrote Pegs as the title of their blog people would probably assume that they’re talking about the things you hang clothes on a washing line with. Not me, however, as you are sure to already know – my name is Miss Peg.

However, I’m not called Peg or Peggy and my name isn’t Fiona Peg.

It is a nickname.

It’s a nickname that not many people know exactly where it came from. To be honest, the story isn’t that spectacular. I didn’t win some fancy game involving pegs, my name doesn’t make up the word PEG, really, it seems quite nonsensical.

Especially when I tell you that the name Miss Peg comes from my days of writing fanfiction.

Yes, really.

No, I didn’t write about a character called Peg, I have never written a story about Peggy from Eastenders.

In fact, it was way back in 2003 when I became a fan of Delta Goodrem. She used to have this awesome forum which was fully of thousands of fans. It was such a lovely place to be back then and there was a real sense of community. It was an international forum for people from all over the world.

A girl, who became known by the name Bicky (ever noticed that when you’re trying to type V sometimes you press the B instead? That’s where her nickname came from) started up a topic known as The Fantasy Script (FS). No, we didn’t write erotica. It was basically fanfiction. It was our opportunity to write about Delta Goodrem’s character Nina Tucker, in Neighbours. And of course her love interest Jack Scully.

To cut a long and boring (and somewhat over exaggerated) story short…seven children, five grandchildren and several deaths later (and Nina and Jack have only just turned 40 – I KNOW!) we reached a difficult stage in the FS world. In actual fact, it all happened in the space of about four months.

People made mistakes, friendships were broken and it became impossible to continue writing the story on that forum.

I was the only person really writing by then. The odd person still joined in from time to time but it had mostly become my baby.

So I set up a new forum, a forum especially for the FS…called…that’s right, The Fantasy Script. It still exists today. Unfortunately the Delta Goodrem forum was closed down last year without notice, thanks to Sony deciding that all of their musicians could no longer have Sony run forums.

Anyway, that doesn’t entirely explain where the peg comes from.

Going back to those four months on Delta’s forum we went back and forth between about ten or so fans writing various different storylines. We’d write our post and at the bottom of us would always write ‘continue’ to say that it’s okay for the next person to carry on writing from there.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried writing continue really fast when you’re relatively new at using computers (I was only sixteen and it was our first computer that we’d only had for a year or so) but it was actually rather annoying. Every time I tried to write it, it would always come out jumbled up. Of course, nine years later I can write it flawlessly without a problem, but back then I had trouble and so did everyone else.

So what do you do when you hate writing a word?

You come up with a new one.

I dug out our thesaurus (I didn’t realise back then that there was a dictionary/thesaurus website, or maybe it hadn’t been invented yet) and had a look at alternative words for continue.

I didn’t really understand the words that I was looking at, I wasn’t as much of a writer as I am now so I didn’t care as much to learn new words.

However, there it was in the middle of the list:

Peg Away. (

Now peg away doesn’t exactly mean continue (though back then I believed it meant it enough) but we decided as a collective to use it anyway.

From then on instead of writing continue at the bottom of our posts, we’d write ‘peg away’ instead.

You may wonder how peg away became Miss Peg?

Well, as if we weren’t already dissatisfied enough with continue…we decided to drop the away and it simply became a whole new word.

In our little bubble ‘to peg’ meant ‘to continue’ and so ‘pegged’ meant ‘continued’.

When I finished my writing and I was talking to my FS friends on MSN, I would simply say ‘pegged’ and they understood exactly what I meant.

When we had to move to the new website I had the tough decision of coming up with a new username. I wasn’t all that fond of the username I had on Delta’s forum and so I decided to begin anew, with Miss Peg. I’m not even sure what made me decide to use that exact wording, but it made sense. I was the only person writing, it was my forum and as far as I was concerned, I was the only person that ‘pegged’ so I deserved to have the name Miss Peg.

Several years later and it’s become a proper nickname, to the point where Katy (stares at the other Miss P) called me it when I saw her in January and I had no idea what was going on…simply because in ‘real life’ I’ve never had anyone call me Pegs to my face before.

But I do love it, really. It makes me smile.


2 thoughts on “Alphathon: Pegs

  1. I always wondered where Peg came from! That makes complete and utter sense 😀 I love it. You shall forever be Peg in my mind!

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