An Open Letter to Someone Who May Never Read This

I want you to know that I’m angry.

I’m angry because you left without much explanation and you didn’t even say goodbye.

You said you’d keep in contact. But you didn’t.

You told me you’d never do that, you said you’d always find a way to contact me and you haven’t.

I’m angry because you know how much you mean to me, you know how much I rely on you being a part of my life. You know all of that and yet you still left.

I know there are reasons why and I fully understand the potential reasons why, but I always make excuses for other people’s actions. None of that stops me from being hurt and angry by this.

I just needed you to know that I’m angry at you for doing everything you said you wouldn’t do.

I feel let down because I thought I meant more to you than this.

And most of all I miss you more every single day that not you’re in it.

But I’m still angry that this is what our time together has come to.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Someone Who May Never Read This

  1. You ok love? I mean, obviously you’re not, but can I do anything?

    This has made me want to contact someone I promised would never be without me, but I think, unlike with you, too much water has gone under our bridge. I’m sorry someone has hurt you and made you feel sad and abandoned. If I can do anything, or you need to chat let me know xx

    1. I think there’s sometimes people who you do lose contact with and even if you did once make a promise that they’re never be without you, it’s okay not to contact them because of whatevers happened. As you say, water under the bridge. You know what’s right, I think.

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