Alphathon: Usually/Unusually

Katy asked us to complete the sentence ‘Unusually, I don’t…’ so here it is…with a slight twist.



Usually I don’t sing in public,

Or dance among my peers.

Usually I don’t tell people,

How it is I feel.


Usually I don’t take big risks,

Like approaching those I don’t know.

Usually I don’t want to go outside,

Especially if I’m feeling low.


Usually I don’t make snap decisions,

I analyse my world a great deal.

Usually I like to press bruises,

Before they’ve even healed.


Usually I wish I could do more,

But never find the time.

Usually I hope more than doing,

Look up instead of climb.


Unusually I don’t do the things,

That others usually do.

I have a little question,

Do you usually do them too?



So world, you know what to do, links on the right…


3 thoughts on “Alphathon: Usually/Unusually

  1. I love this! Im learning so much about myself at the moment it feels, like I really like poetry. Maybe I always knew I liked poems, but never acknowledged it in a wider sense. Have been reading poetry books and writing my own a lot this year. Basically this post made me smile a lot. It’s like a poem I’d expect to find in one of my books at home, really good, well done you!

    So if usually you don’t, does that mean sometimes you do? Are you branching out to singing and dancing in public? 🙂 hope you’re smiley today sunshine xxx

    1. Poetry can be wonderful, I’m glad you’re exploring that side of yourself – both reading and writing. I love a good poem, as long as I understand it somewhat, haha.

      Yes, sometimes, dancing and singing not so much…then again I spent 2 weeks and then 2 months in the USA singing and dancing, so stranger things have happened.

      Today has been a good day, I hope it’s been a good one for you too x

      1. I’m glad it was a good day, mine was alright, after I got over the morning panic attack!!

        Just reread this and it made me smile all over again 🙂 Thanks!

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