Alphathon: Van Bond

Well, maybe not.

The choices for today’s blog weren’t really inspiring me enough, sorry Katy and Katy but star signs are something I no longer care much for and I hardly ever win anything. So I’m going with my own theme Van Gogh – your artistic ability.

I saw a Van Gogh at the National Gallery in London, it was the most amazing thing ever. I’ve checked it off my list of things to do before I die.

I’m not quite in the same leagues as the famous painters or artists, but I have done a few things I’m proud of over the years.

Here are a couple of pictures I drew in the last few weeks.



My original intention for today’s blog was to draw Katy and Katy…but for some reason the picture of Katy P I chose wouldn’t play ball and she ended up looking alien shaped so I didn’t finish or even really started that one. As for Katy S, well, she SMILES TOO MUCH. That’s right, smiles too much. I struggle to draw teeth without them looking wrong and yet I only found one picture of Katy where she wasn’t smiling. It wasn’t an easy one to attempt to draw either. It really isn’t very good and looks odd as the image was close up so there’s no hair, or chin, so apologies…

The final picture I will share is one that I am utterly proud of and it’s lived on my bedroom wall. I drew it for GCSE art (which was the only GCSE I got an A for), it is of Paul from S Club 7 – note that he has neither teeth nor eyes in this. πŸ˜€ Wooo. Seriously, those seem to be the things I struggle with the most.

Check out the other girls’ blogs, I bet they’re as awesome as usual. Links on the right.


2 thoughts on “Alphathon: Van Bond

  1. This made me think of ‘oh i’m an alien, I’m an legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New Yoooooork’…which I will be, in just over a month! Woop woop!

    Quite sad the picture of me wouldn’t play ball though. I’d LOVE to be able to draw, am just pants at it. You however, are quite good, I am impressed. Katy is also good, from her various photocopier extraordinaire sharing…quite jealous!

  2. Peg that’s brilliant πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I am sorry I smile too much. Andy and I were discussing our photo faces yesterday. Both of us plaster very fake, very bad smiles on as soon as the camera is pointed at us. Andy took that one of me last summer when I got my new camera. I quite like it I think! I like your picture more πŸ˜€ I couldn’t work out what was missing, then I realised it was my freckles πŸ˜€

    You have a talent Peggy, and I agree with Katy, I wish I had you talents!!!

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