Alphathon: I’ve been back to the year 1998.

1998, gosh, that was the year I started secondary school. It was the year that S Club 7 came into my life. I was a very different person back then, with hopes and dreams and this idea that secondary school would be the greatest thing. I was sad at having to say goodbye to so many of my great primary school friends and it’s still sad, really, that they’re not in my life anymore. I also had to say goodbye to a little girl from reception class who I really liked, we were good friends because as the oldest students we had to look after the youngest ones.

I was 11. That was pre-everything. It was before any of the worries that come with growing up. Things weren’t as they are now. I wasn’t a victim of bullying, I didn’t foresee myself getting depression, I didn’t see any of this.

Back then I wanted to be a mechanic.

I would go home at lunchtime because my sister went home, so they allowed me too as well. Generally those who were in year 7 weren’t allowed, but I was. I’ll always remember that little card that was my going home pass.

I met lots of new people, I got to sit next to people I didn’t really know very well. I got to learn what it was like to be in different classes to the rest of your form. Every lesson we were in the same classes for that first year, or at least part of it, but technology we were all mixed up. That was scary, we didn’t understand, but it worked out okay. Except that it was in that technology class where the bullying started…

It’s like another life ago. Another world where I didn’t mind standing up on a stage and performing, as long as my parents weren’t there to watch.

What a life.


Apologies to my fellow bloggeroos for being sooo delayed in finishing and for also not blogging to a suitable standard on these last 4 blogs. Unfortunately I have to leave, literally now, to go and work my abs or whatever they say about going to the gym. I’m scared and excited all at the same time. There’s this machine which will be really useful for building my archery muscles/strength. 😛



Alphathon: Yesterday All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Yesterday I had a (mostly) really good day. Here’s why:

1. I didn’t do very much and that was nice, it’s nice to have a rest when you’ve had what appears to be a busy week. I watched my television programmes, I ate food, it was great.

2. Chatting to wonderful people – I got to chat to the Katyos, I’ve been a little on the edge of the world recently in that respect, so it was nice to catch up. I also chatted to a guy called Harley who is my Skins writing buddy. He sent some hilarious messages to the fictional Skins accounts on Twitter, made me chuckle.

3. I went to an old friend’s house and we chatted and played my Desperate Housewives game (which I kept winning) and it was generally a really good evening. I’m so glad I’ve reconnected with her. Even though neither of us is too bothered about seeing them regularly we might be meeting up with another couple of people we used to be friends with too.


Alphathon: Forget me not!

What’s the most important thing I’ve forgotten? Well, I’m not sure about things from the past or things of importance from years gone by. But I do believe I have forgotten some very important things of late.


1. I almost forgot to blog before I go to the gym (for my induction, first ever time at a gym properly!) which meant I wouldn’t have blogged before 4.30 which isn’t good.

2. I forgot to send Katyo’s birthday card off early enough so now she won’t get it. I’ve been so wrapped up in who knows where of late that I haven’t even thought about details like getting it there sooner than soon. That’s pretty important, I feel, because it’s an epic fail.


It would seem I don’t have much I’ve forgotten recently, either that or, I’ve forgotten it. 😉


Alphathon: Words!

I’m a huge fan of words, any word really, well, there will be words I dislike and words I like more than others.


I really dislike some slang words, for example: meh, chuddy (chewing gum). Leccie (electricity), and words like that which sound really quite common.


I find language fascinating though, I once read a book called Much Ado about English and it was amazing, there were so many stories about words that have changed meaning over the years and words which have pretty much stayed the same. There are so many different aspects to language and it’s so amazing, really, how words were created and have developed over the years.


I’m not sure what my favourite words are but I quite like words like Inspiration, Motivation, there’s something fulfilling about them. I quite like old sounding words such as huzzah and the whole ye olde.


Sometimes I like to write in ‘posh’ sentences and generally I like to write in full sentences, then other times I like to sound like I’m in the Jane Austen era.


I really quite like the word one as in one does love to run and jump in the garden on this fine day. Haha. I just love words, so much.


I even have some favourite French words, for example, moi-meme which means myself. That’s my favourite French word anyway. I quite like Il Pleut (It’s raining).