Alphathon: Words!

I’m a huge fan of words, any word really, well, there will be words I dislike and words I like more than others.


I really dislike some slang words, for example: meh, chuddy (chewing gum). Leccie (electricity), and words like that which sound really quite common.


I find language fascinating though, I once read a book called Much Ado about English and it was amazing, there were so many stories about words that have changed meaning over the years and words which have pretty much stayed the same. There are so many different aspects to language and it’s so amazing, really, how words were created and have developed over the years.


I’m not sure what my favourite words are but I quite like words like Inspiration, Motivation, there’s something fulfilling about them. I quite like old sounding words such as huzzah and the whole ye olde.


Sometimes I like to write in ‘posh’ sentences and generally I like to write in full sentences, then other times I like to sound like I’m in the Jane Austen era.


I really quite like the word one as in one does love to run and jump in the garden on this fine day. Haha. I just love words, so much.


I even have some favourite French words, for example, moi-meme which means myself. That’s my favourite French word anyway. I quite like Il Pleut (It’s raining).


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