Alphathon: Yesterday All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Yesterday I had a (mostly) really good day. Here’s why:

1. I didn’t do very much and that was nice, it’s nice to have a rest when you’ve had what appears to be a busy week. I watched my television programmes, I ate food, it was great.

2. Chatting to wonderful people – I got to chat to the Katyos, I’ve been a little on the edge of the world recently in that respect, so it was nice to catch up. I also chatted to a guy called Harley who is my Skins writing buddy. He sent some hilarious messages to the fictional Skins accounts on Twitter, made me chuckle.

3. I went to an old friend’s house and we chatted and played my Desperate Housewives game (which I kept winning) and it was generally a really good evening. I’m so glad I’ve reconnected with her. Even though neither of us is too bothered about seeing them regularly we might be meeting up with another couple of people we used to be friends with too.



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