The Age of Celebrity

The age of celebrity frustrates me in many ways, not least the amount of pointless rubbish we are subjected to, as consumers. Every day I browse a website ( and every day I find myself getting more and more irate over various ‘articles’.

I enjoy browsing Digital Spy, for the most part it’s one of my favourite websites, which is why I visit every day. I like to find out what’s going on in the world – perhaps I am to blame in some respect for that – I especially like to find out any news about the soaps, despite not watching some of them. My favourite section is probably the ‘Odd’ articles that crop up every few hours. For example, the house crashing into a car or a road in China being blocked by 5000 ducks (check it out, it’s hilarious).

Unfortunately, in the middle of the information I seek to find I am also forced to read headlines about reality television shows (which for some reason are almost always covering not only the reality TV section but also the TV section itself, like there’s nothing else on), not to mention the most pointless pieces of so called news you will ever find.

Exhibit A: EXCLUSIVE: Cheryl Cole has an opinion (*headline is not accurate but the real headline does use the word exclusive).

Shock horror. Cheryl Cole thinks something should happen. I’d love to win the lottery or be given enough money to build my own house. Does that mean it’s news? No. First and foremost, the aforementioned article is merely Cheryl Cole saying she’d like to see Girls Aloud’s music turned into a jukebox musical (my opinions on those shall be saved for another day, they are on the negative side though). Nobody has approached her or the other girls about doing so. So where is the story?! Erm, there isn’t one. She simply said it would be nice.

Yes, Cheryl, maybe that would be nice for you. You know what would be nice for me? Never having to read about you ever again. Please go get a job doing something out of the spotlight. Is that likely to happen any time soon? About as likely as a Girls Aloud musical being announced next week…

Exhibit B: Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend isn’t an idiot! That’s right, you’ve heard it here first…her boyfriend knows everything about her. I don’t know how many of you placed a bet that had they been asked to appear on Mr and Mrs they would lose miserably, because I sure as hell considered making it my mission in life to make sure all celebrities are in relationships with people who know everything about them. Oh no, wait…

Exhibit C: Frankie Cocozza to pretend to be Justin Bieber at Glastonbury. I know, I know, that’s nonsense, right? Well, guess what? He CUT HIS HAIR. OMG. Shock horror. What is happening in this world? Aside from the fact that I would like to ask who he even is…yes, I know he was in some reality talent singing show…but who is he? He was kicked off. He’s a druggie. And why is he still in the media spotlight? Can someone please enlighten me? Oh and his new haircut is identical to Justin Bieber…would be like to know that? He’d probably hate that comparison. But there you go.

The Broadway show of Sister Act being closed is news, this will affect many people who may have been yet to see it but had hoped to do so (the website also has an American side, so it is probably most relatable to them). News of an ex-Doctor Who actor dying is sad and fans of the show would naturally like to be informed of such a fact. Even informing us viewing figures for various television shows is informative and useful for those following their favourite show hoping that it will survive the chop.

The exhibits above? Not so much.

The way people can become famous for, well, nothing, is something which is a rather absurd concept to me. I don’t want to be famous, nor do I ever have any intention of being so. I don’t want a fifteen minutes of fame…especially because fifteen minutes these days turns into a presenting career and your own reality television show about how difficult your life is juggling your family and your job whilst taking drugs behind closed doors.

What is so wonderful about that?!

*yes, I know not all celebrities are like this, but there are so many who just aren’t famous for anything, what even is the purpose of them being on television?! I’d like an answer, really…because I’m confused why this is so normal these days.