Dailycoaster Day 2: stripping.

Yes, that stripping.

It suddenly occurred to me today that yet again the positive and negative sides of stripping are blurred. Naturally in favour of men and against women.

Whenever you watch a film and/or television show involving a woman stripped, have you ever noticed how she’s got not money, is a druggie, or is basically promiscuous and a bit slutty?

Now look at the examples of stripping males from popular culture:

The Full Monty – a film where a handful of blokes put on a strip show in order to make some money, it’s a poor man enriches his life sort of story.

Magic Mike – I know little about this film aside from the adverts, but it seems to have the air of The Full Monty. This idea that men stripping is something of a good thing.

So, world…why is it that you’re so contradictory in your perceptions? Why are women perceived in the negative sense and men in the positive?


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