Dailycoaster: the rise and fall of travelling!

I’m a day late beginning this blog because yesterday I spent almost all of it travelling. I started the day out in Wales, waking up in the grounds of a castle (a magical, beautiful castle) and it was later than I realised.

I had a few hours to get from past Cardiff back to Bristol in time for my bus. I quite like travelling, it’s a time to relax and do nothing and/or do things you don’t necessarily find time for. I don’t listen to music all that often unless I’m in the mood because I’m too busy watching television. Long journeys are my chance to put on my mp3 player and listen to some tracks.

When myself and the Katys arrived at the train station all was expected to be well – then we realised that the train was replaced with a bus. I instantly expected a long journey on the bus going here, there and everywhere. Luckily it was pretty straight forward, the train was waiting for us at the other end and our journey was fairly uneventful.

And…THERE WAS A TELEVISION ON THE BUS. Dear Wales, since when were you one step ahead of the rest of the UK on public transport?

After changing trains at Cardiff (our train had already arrived so we simply had to get on it and wait) I said farewell to KS at Filton something or other station and continued along my way to Bristol Temple Meads.

I enjoyed being back in Bristol, but a bout of sunburn meant my bags rubbed my shoulders so I took a bus into the centre and went to Starbucks.

Any who, back to the travelling element…once my Megabus turned up (15 minutes late, ugh) and the many people got on (luckily I didn’t have anyone sitting beside me!) we were on our way. It was sad to be leaving Bristol once again (I really must try and have a proper trip down there and go for several days!) but I was happily sat down on the bus, listening to music and relaxing.

Then this guy with dreadlocks started talking…and talking…and talking…and talking…he didn’t shut up. He talked about nonsense as well, not to mention spoiling things that happened in a film for anyone who hasn’t seen it. The fact we got stuck in traffic was okay, except that it delayed our arrival in Birmingham and so his departure from the bus.

When it finally happened I moved seats and sat down in front of the stairwell, mostly because it felt less claustrophobic. I’m fine in a small space on a bus, I don’t mind it, but if I can get more space, I will.

The rest of the journey was relaxing once more…and then a guy on the phone started saying f***ing in the space between every word. Thankfully we were nearly there – we arrived just on time despite being stuck in traffic and leaving late.

My train and then lift home were fine.

So there we have it, the start of my dailycoaster, brought to you by the good and bad of public transport.


2 thoughts on “Dailycoaster: the rise and fall of travelling!

  1. Ooo I didn’t know you guys were coastering too! Or maybe I did and I forgot, either way…cool!!

    Ah public transport, I’m surprised you found a positive!! It’s always long and expensive and you end up sitting next to someone smelly or behind someone noisy and ugh. Keep telling yourself it’s good for the environment 😛

    Also, if you catch a bus rather than a train it’s generally cheaper right? Which is odd considering a bus has less seats than a train, you’d imagine it would be the other way around! But anyway, if you’re offered a bus to replace a train shouldn’t your ticket technically cost less?

    1. I was sure I mentioned it but it was in the middle of discussing names for it.

      Yes, I think having to rely so heavily on PT I tend to look for the good side rather than the bad. I’m also very good at getting good seats when it’s a longer journey or a particularly busy one – except on standard town centre buses, harder to do.

      I would definitely be rather sat on a train next to a smelly/noisy person and be moving than sat on a bus which is stationary/in traffic with noone around! Generally, anyway.

      That’s a good point, in theory a bus should be cheaper than a train in that situation…I’m not sure what the standard price was for the journey the other day but it cost just £1.50 on the bus, so that wasn’t so bad. The rest was £18.20, less so. But all is good!

      PT is generally more expensive than it should be.

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