Dailycoaster day 3: jobcentre.

The life of an unemployed person is nothing short of a roller coaster akin to those found at Alton Towers. And that’s without the additional bumps and hoops that are dedicated to those who are claiming benefits.

Yesterday I had the great idea of phoning up the jobcentre because I’m now ale to stop claiming due to getting a job over the summer.

My plan was to avoid going to the jobcentre so the I could stay at home and enjoy my day.

Was it as simple as that?


I phoned them up and they told me that I had to still go in and sign on, I could take my booklet and hand that in which would free me from the obligations that come with jobseekers allowance.

So off I went to the jobcentre, booklet in hand. Aside from the fact I didn’t see anyone for twenty minutes after my appointment time, it was pretty pointless when I did.

I sat down, told them I have a job. They asked me when I start…and told me to ring up the jobcentre on Thursday.


So not only have I jumped through the additional hoop of signing on when I’m ready to sign off but they’re making me phone them up AGAIN just to sign off.

And they wonder why there’s so much red tape and paperwork…

On the plus side, since there are no real pluses to the jobcentre, I went to Morrisons and bought some food. I cooked for the parents and I still have yummy ready to eat some fruit and meringue later. So excited. Yum, yum, yum.

And at least I don’t have to set foot in another jobcentre…until October maybe…please, no.


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