Dailycoaster day 4: Beaver Scouts

Do you have anything in life which makes you groan when you consider it? That’s how I’ve been feeling about Beaver Scouts of late.

I enjoy working with the children, don’t get me wrong. I adore them, even the difficult ones. We simply don’t have the man power in order to control them. With two very difficult children and the rest unwilling to partake in most activities we plan for them (how many times can I tell them we don’t just play football at beavers?!) it’s a battle each and every week.

Most Wednesday’s I wake up with the dread in the pit of my stomach that it’s a Beavers day. I usually don’t have anything planned – simply because they won’t want to do what I plan anyway and even if they do, one or two of them will make it really difficult to even get through the instructions.

As usual, this week has left me feeling despondent about the prospect of Beavers. More so because my assistant is on holiday. I’d emailed out last week to ask for help from the other leaders and no one had got back to me. I checked my emails and oh look, I had one from the Group Scout Leader’s wife about something completely unconnected. I asked her about help and she said she didn’t know what to do.

So I was left with no other option but to cancel.

Once upon a time I would have felt a little sad. Instead, I rejoiced at the mere thought of freedom. I sent a message out to all of the parents from the comfort of my bed, I stayed in my pyjamas and I spent the whole day catching up on episodes of Home and Away. I was safe in the knowledge that I didn’t need to think about frustrating children.



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