Dailycoaster day 7: Beauty and the Beast, the remix

Some things in life never change, such is The Beast. Having worked this same programme a year ago I was not allowed to take 6 out of my 12 young people when going out in the town centre, I had to take 4 whilst my partner took 8. I’ve been in charge of more than 8 young people before. It’s frustrating. There’s no trust there, there’s no understanding that my role doesn’t mean I have no experience, it merely means I’m less confident.

On the flip side, once again, my group are lovely and so is The Beast’s assistant. If I had to choose one of the two to observe/help with the session I’m doing tomorrow night (for which I don’t feel I need any help at all) I would choose Beauty. I dread the thought of getting The Beast. I try to change what is in the booklet because I want to bring something different to my group…I feel it will work fine, we’ll see what The Beast thinks if she observes. Her controlling nature suggests she may pull me up on going off course…

She told someone else off for eating their own food.

What the actual fuck?! It’s okay to eat your own food. If you’re on a diet (like this person is) then you should be able to. If you don’t like certain foods (like I don’t like Chinese) then why should you have to pick at a meal you won’t like at all?! Firstly, a waste of food. Secondly, we deserve and have a right to a decent meal.

She said herself that the young people all have a right to get an equal amount from this project, that no one should be left behind because they don’t understand words or sentences that we use.

Where’s the understanding for us?

And quite frankly, quiet people should not “GROW A PAIR” that’s like telling a noisy person to not talk. She has no concept what so ever of what it is like to be shy and lack self esteem in confidence. That much is so very clear that it frustrates me. Where is her walking a mile in someone else’s shoes? Where is her empathy?

The battle with The Beast is sure to commence today…

NB: and buying me Chewitts is a nice gesture, but it will not and never will make up for this crap.


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