Dailycoaster day 10: a load of rubbish!

Have you ever had to check a coach for rubbish? I did it. I picked up a bottle and what I assumed to be an empty packet of tobacco (when it’s stuffed into the back of a seat, it looks like rubbish). Somehow in the mayhem of rain and getting everybody plus equipment inside, the bottle vanished and I thought nothing more of it.

Until I was told by one of my young people that they had lost their tobacco…who’s fault is that? I would say hers, does anyone disagree with me?

Actually got told off by The Beast for putting it in the bin. What am I supposed to do with rubbish? Check whose empty bottle it was? Or who dropped the little tiny bit of paper? No. So why would I check whose packet of tobacco it is?

Oh and after I’d had a cry about being told off for doing something that I believe was entirely justified…we found out the tobacco in the bottle wasn’t even the girl’s because they found it. So how stupid was all that?!

But at least my group did a great Question of Sport style presentation in front of their parents, it was fantastic.


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