Do Something Different

There are many phrases that people use regularly to suggest that we should do something different/exciting/that we’ve never done before with our lives; you only live once, live your life to the fullest, etc.


But how often do we do that? Some more than others, if you’re lilmisskaty then you’re always off gallivanting around the country going to festivals and events.


I, on the other hand, don’t often do something new.


This week has been quite an experience for me, though for some it may seem mundane and not very interesting or different.


On Friday night I worked in a bar of a restaurant. I’ve never had much desire to work behind a bar, though I did put on my list of 100 things to do before I die to learn to pull a pint. I’ve now completed this aim in life. It all came about rather randomly; we visited the restaurant in July for my mother’s birthday. On their menus they said that if you followed them and sent them a tweet you would get a free plate of garlic bread. So it’s because of this that I found myself perusing Twitter when the boss of the restaurant tweeted that they were looking for bar staff. I responded, rather bluntly informing them that I have no experience but need a job. Two days later and I was behind the bar learning to pull pints and chatting with the waitresses.


At present I don’t know if I’ve got a job with them as it was a trial shift, unfortunately the boss has been in hospital so hasn’t been able to contact me before now. I’m not in any rush, nor would I be too disappointed if they didn’t offer me a position.


It was an experience and that’s the main thing, I did something different, I took a risk and it paid off. It may seem small to some, but to me, it’s quite a big thing to do.
How about you, have you done something different this week?


2 thoughts on “Do Something Different

  1. Isn’t it funny how we view others? I am often looking at people like robbyoung87 and wishing I did more with my life, and now here you are saying I seem to always be doing something!! Goes to show we’re only as good as the next person right? So hurrah for new experiences, bucket list ticks and potentially new jobs! I wish you the best of luck, whichever outcome you desire, what’s important is you tried and had fun! Bravo to you!!

    1. Yeah! It is strange how we see life so differently from others, such an odd thing really, but it makes sense. I still think you’re more experience heavy than the average person! Even if there are others more so than you. 😛

      I need to decide what number on my bucket list to do next…fingers crossed I’ll get a job (even if it’s not that one) so I can fulfil more wonderfulnessess likes you. 😛

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