The Little Dull Bird

A poem.

The Little Dull Bird

The bright birds flutter around,
The little dull bird down on the ground.
No one sees her faded feathers,
But does she wants them to?

The bright birds float and glide overhead,
The little dull bird lays in her bed.
She doesn’t want a show, or a tell,
But does she secretly want it?

The bright birds fly high in the night,
The little dull bird stays low in flight.
They look down on her and laugh out loud,
She doesn’t care, or does she?

The bright birds are admired by all,
The little dull bird is an invisible ball.
But everyone wants their glorified days,
Even the little dull bird in many ways.

But the bright birds have taken all the glory,
The little dull bird lives half a story.
Without a feeling she deserves a dream,
She continues to live life, a dull bird, unseen.


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