Opinions and where to find them

I have opinions.


That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Most people have some form of opinions, even if it’s merely that they don’t have opinions on lots of issues.


Sometimes I feel like I have too many, or they’re too controversial.


Do you ever wish you could just spill your guts and screw the consequences? That’s how I feel frequently because there are things I have opinions on which I’d love to blog about or talk about. But will I? Probably not.


Certain issues in society seem to provoke such intense reactions from the general public that it’s very hard to see things differently to the majority, does that make it wrong? No. The majority wouldn’t see it like that though. So that’s why I don’t bother to blog about some of the things that really grind my gears.


And sometimes I just don’t want to have to deal with the fall out and the lack of understanding of both sides of the argument. I get where people are coming from and I respect their view, but the chance of many people respecting mine appears to be slim. I guess that’s just the nature of controversial issues.


It’s not like the ‘issues’ are that bad, my opinions are only things that other people may be thinking…so if you want an opinion from me, you’ll have to cut open my brain, or something.


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