Dictothon Day 2: Oulitic

Only the second day and I’m already behind in this challenge, but it’s okay, it’s still Tuesday somewhere in the world, ergo, I’m not really behind after all. Besides, I have a good reason for being so late in posting this, two very good reasons in fact.

1) I have been re-watching Charmed and tonight I reached the final episode, it always makes me blub like a baby.

2) I was working on a crocheting project producing an Amineko, unfortunately mine didn’t turn out quite as cute as the ones in the book.

Onwards and upwards, we have a blog to complete…

After selecting the somewhat interesting option of ‘define’, I was handed an unusual word by Katy, one that is so unusual in fact that even Google hasn’t heard of such a word. I know, right? Google knows everything, so much so that you can ask it almost any questions and it will give you some sort of valid answer.

The word it decided I would be given information on is oolitic, which is about rocks and stuff. Not really something I’m at all interested in, that’s our Twitter friend Colin’s department. He’s a Doctor of Rocks, or something. I digress…

For this reason (the one previous to the tangent about rocks and Colin) I was forced to take a sneak peak at Katy’s blog (since she posted it hours before I’ve even started mine) and the definition is rather quite a simple one:

oulitic – {adv. phr.} Outside of your natural surroundings; where you do not belong or fit in. For example: ‘Wild animals are oulitic in their cages.’

So I suppose you can say that I am rather oulitic in my crocheting, in a sense. It’s not something I’m used to. Though in many ways that isn’t really what oulitic means after all – what I’m talking about is more the comfort zone and ability/skill level.

My mind is ticking over, if you listen carefully you might hear it, but I am yet to come up with any prophetic definition/example of the above definition without resorting to the one already given.

I could suggest that my trip to the USA a few years ago to work in a summer camp was somewhat oulitic. I was not in my natural surroundings staying at a camp in the middle of nowhere without phone signal or internet, sleeping in platform tents and listening to American accents all day. But at the same time, surely being surrounded by humans is my natural surrounding? Especially when you compare it to the difference between wild animals, and being trapped in a cage.

Actually, it’s interesting because though wild animals who have been locked in cages (such as wild animals who have been injured and taken to a vet for treatment) may be oulitic. But is an animal oulitic if it was brought up in a cage? I doubt it, because even though the natural environment of an animal may be the wild for that animal in particular it has only ever known the cage. Cages may not be natural, but it’s the one place it may feel safe.

On the other hand, where you do not belong or fit in brings a new dimension to the definition and my concept of being at summer camp would fit nicely. It wasn’t somewhere I belonged in many ways and I’m not sure I entirely fit in.

A wild animal wouldn’t fit in in a circus, but an animal kept in captivity from birth would be more likely to.

Wow, for a word that I couldn’t even find, I sure found it an interesting word to come across and use. I like it, actually, it’s a very good word and I may attempt to use it in a proper sentence in the near future.

P.S. Having had a look at Katy’s blog, I now see that I have pretty much stolen her whole blog and then babbled on about nothing. Oops. Sorry, love!


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