Five films I discovered on Lovefilm

I’ve been a member of Lovefilm for many years (when I originally signed up, it was a free trial as part of a Channel 5 DVD rental service which was bought out by a few different people before it finally became Lovefilm). In that time I’ve rented and watched many, many weird and wonderful films and television programmes.

The best thing about Lovefilm is that you can watch an array of films online without even having to wait for the DVDs to arrive at your door. I’ve made use of the Lovefilm instant service many times, made easier by the fact I can now get Lovefilm on my television.

Over the years I’ve seen some very strange films, all thanks to the regularly updated collection that I have on offer.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourites.

1. Triple Dog

I really enjoy watching films about American high school, so seeing that Triple Dog is about teenagers doing their teenage thing was appealing. The other thing, equally appealing, is the fact that the film stars Brittany Robertson. She is definitely the star of the film, not only due to her role within it, but also because her acting is second to none.

The film takes a darker turn than I had expected though, and the whole thing actually took me by surprise. Maybe the clue should have been in the title, but being British I’m not as familiar with a ‘triple dog dare’.

For a film about high schoolers, it’s actually really good. It’s not one of these over the top, full of typical cliquey drama; it’s actually something a little deeper than that.

I’ll give it a 3/5

2. Secretary

I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey (bar the first chapter, to see just how badly it’s written) but Secretary is how I imagine it to be a little like.

I’m not even sure why I opted to watch this film, but Maggie Gyllenhaal was one reason I did decide to give it a go. It’s certainly not her best work and at times, the whole thing felt considerably over the top and a little forced. But Maggie is a good actress and she delivered her role well.

Definitely one for the adults, rather than children, though I wouldn’t even recommend this film to my grandma’s dog.

I’ll give it a 1/5

3. Akeelah and the Bee

I absolutely adored Akeelah and the Bee.

Not only did I learn a thing or two about spelling bees and etymology, but I also got to experience one of the most heart-warming stories I have ever been lucky enough to see.

Akeelah is one of the most beautiful characters I have seen in film, and this is one of the most beautiful stories I have seen. It’s a shame that it didn’t get to be bigger than it was because it’s one of those feel good films that you can’t help but enjoy.

If you want to feel happy, watch this film.

I’ll give it a 4.5/5

4. California Man

Oh the crazy world of the California Man, or Encino Man (as the film is actually called in the USA). It’s one of those films that at first seems ridiculous and stupid, but actually makes you wish that it was possible for a man to return from the ice age and experience a modern world.

The star studded cast are their fantastic selves, with Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, Pauley Shore, Robin Tunney and Megan Ward all making this film everything that it needs to be. It’s funny, it’s serious and it’s something you’ll be glad you’ve seen.

I’ll give it 3.5/5

5. The Beautician and the Beast

Do you ever watch a film and sit there at the end wondering what the hell it was you watched? That’s exactly how I felt watching Beautician and the Beast. It’s probably one of the worst films I have ever seen.

But it’s also one of the funniest.

It’s, possibly, got that it’s so bad it’s good syndrome. I couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish (once the initial WHAT? Moment had died down).

I wouldn’t dissuade you from watching this film, but at the same time, I wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to watch it either.

But seriously, go on, give it a go…

I’ll give it a 3/5

So there we have it folks, the weird, the wonderful and the downright hilarious. Five films that you may not have ever heard of, but maybe you should.


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