Everyone has foods that, no matter how hard they try, they cannot resist. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, healthy or unhealthy, there’s an array of snack and non-snack foods out there that appear irresistible. Words have been invented to describe these feelings; more-ish, om nom nom. But with so many different foods out there to choose from, is it any wonder that we’re often spoilt for choice?
Here are five foods which I love, foods which if someone puts them in front of me I rarely stop until the bowl/plate/packet is empty. Even if that means eating all of my calorie allowance in a couple of hours.

(Don’t look at me like that, you probably do it too!)

1. Cadbury’s chocolate fingers
Those slender pieces of biscuit smothered in Cadbury’s chocolate are one of my biggest weaknesses. I honestly believe that if someone placed a box of boxes in front of me, it wouldn’t take long for them all to be gone. I’d try my best to hide them away, to not open another box. But the second a box is open, I’m a goner. The problem is that the packets are so big. The newly purchasable smaller packets, with smaller fingers, are perfect. Except that, other than a few singular packets in Wilkinson, you have to buy them in a multi-bag. You might as well just buy me a box and have done with it. A packet rarely lasts longer than a couple of days…and if it does, someone send for the doctor, because I can’t be well.

2. Marks and Spencer’s chocolate chip cookies
I like biscuits, I love bourbons, biscuits that come with tea or coffee (speculoos) and cookies. I like Penguins, Clubs and Kit Kats. Despite loving biscuits as a whole, after the great Chocolate Finger, the only other biscuit that captures my attention as easily is the Marks and Spencer chocolate chip cookie. They crumble in just the right way, melt in the mouth and taste amazing. But never leave them in a drawer longer than a couple of days, because they do go soft and they don’t taste quite right without that crumbly/melt in the mouth thing they have going on. (There are other cookies that are suitably addictive, also, mostly larger, more deluxe versions.)

3. Strawberries
I had to put something less unhealthy on there and a big, red, juicy strawberry belongs right here in the middle of everything else. Of all of the fruit in the world, strawberries are my favourite. I love them whole, I love them sliced up and eaten with cream, I love them sliced and tossed about in a box in my backpack all day. However they come, I will happily consume them. Strawberry cheesecake, strawberry panna cotta, strawberry ice cream…actually, no. I don’t really like strawberry ice cream, but strawberry sorbet (or ice cream made from strawberries rather than flavouring, which many are) I adore. Heck, I even love strawberry juice, and that’s not something easily found in supermarkets. I’ve only ever seen it in supermarkets in France. Winters’ feel too long when there are no decent strawberries around.

4. Chocolate
I’m not going to specify, mostly because I go through phases, but also because it doesn’t matter which chocolate it is, I will like it. I’m not as fond of dark chocolate, but if it’s all there is on offer, I won’t say no. I like Cadburys Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Twirl, Curly Wurly, Boost and Double Decker. I’ll eat Nestle Kit Kat, Aero, Rolos or Maltesers. I’d even suffer through Hersheys or the cheap chocolate you can buy in supermarkets. It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s in my belly.

5. Cake
Again, like chocolate, I’m not fussy. There are cakes I like and cakes I don’t really like that much (mostly, carrot cake and those ridiculous fruit cakes for weddings or Christmas) but cake itself is, in my opinion, its own food group. On your birthday, I believe that there is a separate space for cake. You can have dessert, and then you can have cake. That’s how important the tastiness is. Chocolate cake, plain sponge, orange, lemon, raisin, oaty, banana…cake is cake. The only thing better than the cake itself, is scraping the bowl as it’s baking in the oven. What more could a person ask for? (Seriously, send cake? I can’t wait until Sunday!)

What about you? Do you have any foods you can’t resist? Perhaps you go nutty for nuts, crazy for crisps or ridiculous over ragu? Whatever silly phrase you can come up with, or whichever foods you adore, please share.


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  1. I swear I commented on this one already!! That’s a lot of chocolate related stuff there…what happens if you’re presented with chocolate covered strawberries?!

    Also, did you know I’m not a huge fan of cake? Cake mix, yes, cake, no! It’s the texture I think, just not for me!

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