Three-course dinner and a tuxedo, what’s so unusual about that?

There are many ridiculous things in this world; cows causing power outages, a woman driving for miles in her sleep, naked people running around zoos. When you toss aside the average news article, you will find some of the more weird and wonderful things that we have going on in this world. How often do you hear about huts built especially for prostitutes in Switzerland, or hotel rooms with a hot tub and bowling lane in LA?

I’m a regular visitor to the entertainment website, Digital Spy, which fills my head with all of the things I didn’t need to know about those people, from that television programme. If someone tweets something ridiculous, you can guarantee that Digital Spy will hear about it and turn it into a news article.

The quality of Digital Spy, however, is not in question here. Once in a while, in fact, most days, they manage to hit the nail on the head with an occasional, but very odd, story.

Digital Spy’s Odd section is always full of the unusual news that you don’t hear about everywhere. Today you can read about those cows and the power outage, about Mean Girl tweets from The White House and a man who steals a road in Russia.

You can also read about one of the most ridiculous, and perhaps Chav-y, events in the history of the world. It doesn’t really get much odder than this:

Jorgie Porter (the gobby, blonde McQueen from Hollyoaks) hosted a Pot Noodle dinner.

That’s right, a three-course, waitress service meal made up of Pot Noodles. Guest were treated to Pina Colada Pot Noodle or Pot Noodle Ice Cream Sundae for dessert (which in itself sounds especially weird…and perhaps a little disgusting).

To top it all off, the sixty guests at this one-night only event wore tuxedos…no, not suits, tuxedo onesies.

Yes, really.

It’s all rather silly, but apparently the reasoning behind it is a little more ‘serious’. Jorgie Porter (and maybe other people too?) struggles to get her boyfriend to go to a fancy restaurant when he’d rather spend his night on the sofa. (Yeah, well, so would I, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make an effort for someone I love.) But, no, she’d rather give in to his desire to stay on the sofa eating Pot Noodles by creating this monstrosity. Their choice of seating for the evening? One of those lounge chairs with a bit that flips up at the end, you know the sort I mean, Joey and Chandler loved to relax in them in Friends.

They even topped the night off with a lovely fake grass rug on the floor. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’d indulged on the male guests further by giving them sports to watch, or maybe an Xbox or Playstation to play on. I don’t know, I’m just guessing. Oh no, wait, having looked again at the photographs, there is most definitely a screen in the background…as well as, what appears to be a games console.

So, ladies, if you have a boyfriend who doesn’t want to take you to a fancy restaurant, you no longer need to worry. You don’t need to drag him out of the house (though really, why shouldn’t you, once in a while?) you can let him stay on the sofa, whilst you dress up in a skimpy dress and serve him Pot Noodles in their plastic containers, beer out of the bottle and a little bit of class with a tuxedo onesie.

To get a glimpse of the wonderful photographs from the evening, you can see the original articles here.


One thought on “Three-course dinner and a tuxedo, what’s so unusual about that?

  1. That dinner party seems quite funny really, as a one off…not exactly news worthy but hey. Hopefully Jorgie’s other half will put the same level of effort into doing something special that revolves around something she likes to do…or not, as long as she’s happy.

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