Otters, and dinosaurs and birds, oh my!

Animals are a strange thing, really. I like them, from a distance. I enjoy visiting a wildlife park and watching them in their not quite natural, but designed to look like natural, habitat. I’ll happily rub the head of a bunny or stroke a dog on my terms. But the only animals I really appreciate as a pet are cats. I’ve had three in my lifetime, but that’s enough to know that I adore them and everything about them. Cats are, by far, my favourite animal.

Though, there are other animals and creatures I wouldn’t mind having a go at owning (even if I’d need to be in one of the fictional worlds from yesterday to ever have the chance of doing so).

1. Otters

I’ve loved otters for many years now, they’re like cats in water and there’s something about them that appeals. The way they toss a stone around with their little paws, go fishing, and pose for humans is rather interesting. I think they’re beautiful creatures and though I know keeping one as a pet is a ridiculous idea (they can get quite aggressive and bite), the thought of doing so is also kind of appealable.

All of the otters I’ve met in the past have appeared highly intelligent and their babies are just the cutest little pups.

2. Tortoise

A while ago my sister mentioned something about wanting a tortoise, lots of people will have grown up watching Blue Peter put their tortoise into hibernation for the winter and bring him/her back out in the spring. It wasn’t something that ever really made me think YES I NEED ONE, but that doesn’t mean that now, as an adult, I’m less interested. They’re quite an underwhelming creature, I suppose, who wants to look at a shell covered animal who doesn’t move? It’s an understandable concern. There’s just something about tortoises that appeals though, and I wouldn’t mind putting some money into owning a tortoise or two.

3. Saurolophus

Also known, to the general public, as Ducky in The Land Before Time. (I’ve never seen any sequels, I don’t have much care for any sequels, besides, Ducky isn’t voiced by the same little girl who tragically lost her life thanks to an abusive father.)

Ducky was such a beautiful little thing, hopping around and yep, yep, yepping everywhere. That amazing little dinosaur was something special. I know that if I was to own my own Saurolophus, it wouldn’t be Ducky. But I still think the whole species is rather cute and deserves a mention.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about a full grown Saurolophus in my house, though, so perhaps just a baby one?

4. Coelurosauravus

Another dinosaur, who’d have thought I’d have such an interest in them? (Generally, I don’t.) I decided to Google fictional creatures and I was very quickly reminded about Primeval. A show where rips in the time line (known as anomalies) mean that dinosaurs have been escaping into modern day Britain, of course. Along with them came a little guy known fondly as Rex. I suppose this is like the Ducky situation. If I owned one, it wouldn’t be the same as Rex. I can handle that.

Rex and other Coelurosauravus are actually rather beautiful. It’s like a lizard with wings, with a chicken-style tuft on the top of its head. It’s a spectacular creature and I would really, really love one.

If it was Rex himself, then that would be even better.

5. Phoenix

It took me a while to decide on this one. I went through a Wikipedia dedicated to magical creatures in Harry Potter, hoping that I would find something there that caught my eye. The idea of owning a dragon is rather interesting, but perhaps too dangerous to ever seriously consider it.

So, instead, I’ve settled on a Phoenix. They are renowned for being such a beautiful bird and I have no doubt that to own one would be marvellous. They are the epitome of a mystical creature, a bird that can come back to life when it dies? Who’d have thought of that? The imagery out there for the phoenix, the illustrations of a bright orange bird, resembling quite amazingly, fire. It’s just something really, very special.

Besides, who wouldn’t want an animal which could, effectively, live forever?

Those are my five animals and creatures I’d quite like to own, a nice mix between the possible, the once upon a time possible but no longer, and the impossible. I think, in reality, there’s only one animal on this list that I’d actually have the chance of owning, and that’s the tortoise.

Which animals or creatures from reality and fiction would you like to own as a pet?


One thought on “Otters, and dinosaurs and birds, oh my!

  1. Haha you picked dinosaurs?! And not just one but two! Wow!! You’d have to have some pretty sturdy furniture lady! I think this has got to be one of the first blogs in which we have barely said the same thing at any point, interesting stuff!! Otters are pretty cool, imagine if you just got to be friends with one rather than actually keeping one as a pet – you could stroll down to the river bank and say hello, like the Beavers in Narnia or the Wind in the Willows. I considered picking something like that for one of my five but wasn’t sure how fictional we were going!
    Good blog 😀

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