Favourite Kids Films

When I think about my favourite films I usually find myself thinking of several different films from very different points in my life. There are romantic comedies, children’s films and dramas. Whilst I may say one or two films are my favourites, in reality I’m saying which one I feel is my favourite at that point in time.

Children’s films are something I’ve always enjoyed. We’re not talking Disney, or other animated films (though I do like them). I mean films which star children or young adults, those not quite old enough to be considered high school students and quite often are still in elementary school. There are many films I have watched over the last couple of decades which I consider favourites and a number of them do fit into the children’s film category. Interestingly enough, I’ve always enjoyed films which start with the name Little – Little Rascals, Little Women, Little Secrets, and one film that is on my list.

Little Giants


This is probably my all-time favourite children’s film. I’ve always loved the idea of football, baseball, any sports being played by children in a film. The idea that a group of misfit children, none of which are your average athlete, can work together to become a team is so heart-warming and emotional. The story centres on Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea, the one person who isn’t such a misfit athlete, but considering her gender in an early 90s film about American football; she doesn’t really have much chance of hitting the big times in kids football. I relate to that girl so much. I was never a football player, or any sports player really, but there was something in her way of being that made me want her to achieve everything. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the film and I really hope I can watch it again soon.

Mary Kate and Ashley films

to grandmother

You want me to choose? You expect me to pick one I like more than any other? Pish posh! Never going to happen. I don’t know what it is about a Mary Kate and Ashley film, but I love them all. They’ve all got a weird and wonderfulness about them. Whether they’re soaking up the sun in Australia, swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas or kicking a football around a field (soccer, to you non-British folk), it all makes me smile a ridiculous amount. It all started with their cute little faces in older films such as To Grandmother’s House We Go and Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.

I have no shame in my love of the Olsen brand, my own disappointment is that they didn’t continue their acting careers in quite the same way, if at all.

Hilary Duff films

cadet kelly

I can’t decide on the Hilary films either, so sue me. I know that a number of them are more teen-movie than films for children but they still have that innocence about them. Besides, The Lizzie McGuire movie is definitely up there as a great pre-teen film. Whilst I enjoyed it, she made better. Cadet Kelly and Raise Your Voice are two films which really melt my heart every time I watch them.

The Mighty Ducks – yes, all three of them.

the mighty ducks

I think one of the reasons I love The Mighty Ducks trilogy is the same reason I love Little Giants so much; a bunch of misfits out there on an ice hockey rink, or a frozen lake, doing what they do love. They may not be perfect, they may make mistakes, but at the end of the day they are just a group of kids having fun and any achievement only adds to the beautiful feeling that these films give. We will, and I will, always, quack them.



Out of all of the Disney films in the world, I had to choose the one that nobody even knows exists. I say nobody, I know that’s a slight overreaction, but it’s certainly one of the last options on many people’s lists. But for me, it’s everything. Mulan is everything I want from a Disney film (it’s only been rivalled more recently by Tangled) and it gives me so many different feelings that I can’t even think about watching Mulan without needing to sit there and cradle my heart for a few minutes. Watching a non-Disney version of the Mulan story shocked me, but it made me realise that there are two very different ways to tell the same story and Disney’s is full of all sorts of heart-warming feelings.


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