Five favourite YouTube videos

I’m not the kind of person who sits on YouTube for hours browsing video after video. I accidentally come upon a video and I watch it, there are a couple of webseries which I do follow and occasionally I may search for a specific kind of video. Maybe I’m doing YouTube wrong, or not using it the way that many people do, but I think there is perhaps too many badly made or amateur and/or pointless videos on YouTube that browsing videos feels like a waste of my time.
Occasionally, when I accidentally come across a YouTube video, I am taken by surprise. There are some great videos on there, there are also some not very well made videos which have really significant content. I’d like to share with you five videos which I have discovered over the years. Each one I have saved in my favourites for one reason and another and looking back through them, I don’t regret doing so.

1. Virtual Barbershop

I suppose you can’t call this one a video because the audio is all that is important. It’s a really amazing piece, however, and one that definitely demands a few minutes where you sit with headphones on and your eyes closed. There’s no other way of experiencing this one.

2. One Minute Puberty

The content of this video doesn’t really matter to me. This is the kind of video that just captures…something. It really draws in the audience with some amazing animation; something which I think makes this video one of my favourites.

3. Little girl talking about children’s toys

You may or may not have seen this little girl; she’s been around the internet recently because of how passionately she talks about children’s toys. The video itself might not be anything special but the message is profound and one which I think is fantastic.

4. Isaac’s Lip-dub Proposal

Isaac’s proposal is another video you might have seen. I can’t remember how I came across this video but I’m very glad that I did. There are probably few proposals in this world which have had a great deal of planning and effort, that’s not to say that taking a ring to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day isn’t special for the people involved, but there’s something so beautiful about grand some gestures. I’d never really heard the song before this video and since then, every time I hear the song I think of Isaac and the girl he proposes to.

5. RSA Animation – Changing Education

If I was to put these videos into some sort of top five order then this would be number one. Put together a beautiful creation of animation of deep and meaningful message and you have something that fits my needs perfectly. I still can’t quite get over how much work must have gone into this video and I just wish the world would sit up and listen to some of the messages found in it.
There we have it folks, five of my all-time favourite YouTube videos. Do you like them? Perhaps you hated them? Or maybe you’ve just got others you think are better? Let me know!


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