Blogging Fatigue

I’ve blogged continuously for days, more than days. By the end of September (which is Monday) I will have been blogging for two months non-stop. I don’t mind blogging continuously, but when I don’t have a specific blog theme, it makes it harder and harder to come up with ideas.

Anyone who has been following my writing dreams will know that ideas are something I’ve struggled with a lot. That hasn’t really changed. I’ve had an idea here and there, just nothing that can withstand another month full of blog posts.

So next month (that’s Tuesday) I will slacken off the blogging until I’m blogging maybe once a week. Perhaps twice, if I can find something else to blog about.

It also means that I will have to pull my finger out and start writing something other than blog posts in order to fulfil my 750 word a day requirement, as dictated to me by the website. Of course, that’s just a minimum and it’s a motivational goal rather than a dictatorship.

I’m actually quite looking forward to only blogging a couple of times a week. It was suggested to me by my friend tromana that I blog about projects I have undertaken. Namely, baking projects. I really like the idea. I started a project recently but it’s sort of failed and I figure it’s best not to start again until after my trip to London (this weekend) as it requires daily activity in order to make it work. Anyway, I will have to restart that again when I get back from London so that I can create a blog post about it in a couple of weeks when it’s finally finished.

I will hopefully spend some time in London figuring out some projects I can work on in order to share them with you. Suggestions are most welcome!

(Another reason I can’t blog about baking projects every day is that my parents probably wouldn’t be too happy if I was feeding them cookies, cake and breads every single day. We’ve been trying to diet, after all. Even the healthier baking projects are still a little unhealthy.)

Thankfully the final few days of blogging have already been set (aside from one day but I’m sure I’ll find something to write about) as my trip to London will provide me with some interesting experience. I cannot wait to share with you some of the things I’m going to be getting up to. Hopefully there will be many more things besides. I have three and a half days, after all, with only one day full and another day only partially full.

Until tomorrow, bloggers/readers. You may be hearing from me from the coach, since it should have internet and a plug socket and I’ve got four and a half hours to fill.


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