More filming and babbles

Another day has been and gone, and it’s been yet another great day. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with lovely people doing enjoyable things and being productive while you’re at it. I returned to the film set, partly because my plans didn’t last for as long as I was expecting. But I was partially glad that I had an excuse to return, I had such a good time yesterday and I really do enjoy working. I know it’s only helping out, I’ve always just preferred to be doing some productive.

I’m really excited about the film, seeing it develop over the course of the two days has been brilliant. The actors are really putting everything into it which is really helping it to all stand out as a fantastic piece. It’s all credit to the writer, really, because without his hard work we wouldn’t even have a script to film.

It’s hard work getting things just right.

Any hint of noise in the background can ruin a take, whether it’s an aeroplane travelling across the sky or noisy neighbours talking too loudly. It can put a dampner on a scene. If you have two people living alone in a house then there’s not going to be any noises, in reality. It’s more natural to film without any sounds other than what is happening in the script.

Then there’s continuity which really is vital, it’s also quite a messy thing. One thing out of place and a whole scene is ruined. You have to keep topping up plates, moving things back to where the scene started and constantly changing outfits. It’s been quite relaxed in this film, that’s not to say continuity hasn’t been important, it is. I think the larger the film, the longer the scenes, the harder it is. When you film in a studio where the light is all artificial it’s a lot easier. But when you’re filming in a house you have so much natural light which changes or ruins a scene. We’ve managed to film everything in a few takes, which means we don’t really need to take photos or keep track of what is where because we’re not continuing with a scene on another day. It really takes some of the strain off.

Maybe I sound like I know what I’m talking about, maybe I don’t. I feel like I’m learning a lot here, however. Perhaps it’s a little bit pointless learning from this as I’m not going to be helping in many films again in the future but learning new skills, experiencing different things, is fantastic. If I ever find myself in a position to record sound on a film again, I know what to do. I even know a bit more about shots and such.

Overall, this experience has been enjoyable. I could have spent the last couple of days wandering around London looking at buildings. I’ve done that in the past and I don’t hate doing it, but it can get tiresome. Doing it for days in a row when you’re on your own is rather boring. Not having anyone to talk to can get frustrating. Having a reason to spend time with people is one of the best things, ever.

I’m feeling a little sad that I can’t be here for the rest of the filming, it would be good to see it through. I’ve been here since the start and having to go before it’s done feels unfair. The world shouldn’t work this way, except that it does. If I wasn’t potentially going to be doing an overnight shift where I volunteer on the next weekend they’re filming, I would definitely be there. I would survive missing the evening shoot as that’s just a couple of hours on an evening.

I appear to be babbling now, I’m attempting to get my blog and my 750 words for the day completed before midnight. It’s hard work because I’m running out of things to say. I hate rambling on a blog, but when you’ve had a really good day it just doesn’t matter. I don’t mind.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, though, even though I’ll be spending it alone and wandering around Lonon. I look forward to seeing some photographs at an exhibition that I came down here to see. Luckily, I’ve managed to do all of the things I intended to do whilst down here. Bar one, but that wasn’t going to happen, so it’s not really on the list anymore.

Until tomorrow, bloggers.


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