New Year, New You vs New Day. New You

The whole world can change in a second. That’s what we seem to believe as one year ends and another year begins. We put pressure on the fact that a year’s number is different, as though it makes things better, alters them somehow.

I think we’re all old enough to understand that New Year isn’t a quick fix, it doesn’t make everything better and nothing really changes.

People still struggle financially. Family members still die. We continue to live with the same old habits of last year.

It’s a sad fact that I wish wasn’t true, but it is.

I had a difficult 2013, which made me glad when the clock struck twelve and time finally moved into a new year. I was hopeful, I was expectant and I believed that I could be luckier, all because the year is now 2014.

I haven’t done much since New Year, partly because I wanted some time to relax after the Christmas period. I wanted to spend some time alone, to process my thoughts and enjoy my own company.

I forgot to try to live 2014 as though it’s something different and, aside from reading a book very quickly, I’ve slipped very quickly back into doing very little to pull my life together.

On New Year’s Day I watched a man running down the street in the pouring rain and I wondered why anyone would be so crazy as to do so. I suppose it was somebody deciding to start a resolution, regardless of what the weather is like.

I promised that 2014 would be the year I began editing my novel. It’s day 4 and I’ve not even opened the document. It’s not a good start, I will admit.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t make an effort in the future. Maybe I just needed some time to relax before putting things into action, or maybe I’m just a bit lazy and love to procrastinate.

My point being, New Year is but a day when we decide to make changes. Whether we do, or not, is entirely up to something other than a new year, or a new day. We can decide to start our lives again at any point throughout the year, we can start diets, we can begin an exercise regime, we can climb a mountain. January 1st is not always the day to do that.

So that’s why I’ve not really made any resolutions this year. Are there things I’m hopeful for? Of course there are. Do I think they’re going to happen? Some might. Do I care if I achieve everything I want to? Not really. Life will keep rolling and I will keep trying to make changes here and there.


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