Milk? On my hands?

I suffer from very dry skin on my knuckles during winter, so much so that this winter I’ve had bleeding knuckles at a couple of points. My lips get quite dry, too. But it’s my knuckles that hurt most because of the broken skin.

I have moisturiser but it’s hard to use because it’s very greasy and I’m always on my iPad, don’t think that really mixes well, do you?

The only thing I’ve found that does help is putting moisturiser on the most painful/cracked parts of my knuckles and covering them with plasters whilst I sleep – it works.

Today I Googled dry knuckles because it’s not necessarily easy to cover my knuckles in plasters in the daytime and I discovered a secret moisturiser I’d never considered before; MILK.

Apparently, milk has moisturising properties. It makes sense, since they sell ‘milk and honey’ cream and body wash. They said warm milk, but I imagine that’s partly so your skin doesn’t get a fright when it’s dipped into fridge cold liquid.

I tried it tonight and it’s worked quite well. I had to resist the urge to wash my hands after soaking them because drying milk is rather sticky. Thankfully a coating of water didn’t so too much damage. My knuckles now feel a little better. A night of sleeping with my knuckles covered in cream and plasters should top this off nicely.

Tomorrow will be a non-dry knuckle day.


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