Italy Day Five: Waterfall Showers, Lake Swimming and Mountain Walks

I feel like my legs are about to fall off. Today has been very busy, and exceptionally enjoyable. I think it’s safe to say it’s been the best day yet.

In the morning we did our usual breakfast/lunch making routine, then set off to Varone where there’s a waterfall. We had to pay to get in, which was quite disappointing as it wasn’t a very big place for the amount we paid. However, it was a wonderful thing to see. From higher up and down the bottom, seeing the water splashing through the gorge it had created was just brilliant. We got quite wet from the spray, and though we didn’t expect to, it was really refreshing. (See the picture below! That was taken on my second trip in to take a photo on my phone so I could blog it!)

After the waterfall shower we went to another lake not far from Lake Garda. Lago di Ledro was definitely my favourite place we have been so far. The lake was big enough that you could see across it and it feel large, but actually it’s quite small. Especially when compared on a map to it’s “big brother” Lake Garda. As Google had informed us, it’s a great place to go if you’re not really bothered by the tourism of Lake Garda. After the disappointing town the day before, it was great to go somewhere that was ‘off the beaten track’. It was busy enough that there were people around and cafes, but it was really quite quiet.

There were a number of rude people, unfortunately, who took over picnic tables yet were lying on towels on the floor! We only wanted one for half an hour to eat our lunch. People’s selfishness astounds me sometimes.

Once I got over the frustrations of human beings, we went swimming. The first swim we’ve been able to do this holiday and I am so glad I didn’t leave my swimming costume at home.

I’ve always disliked swimming in the sea. The mixture of salt water drying on your skin, salt water in your eyes, and the water/sand mix coming out of the sea makes me loathe doing much more than paddling. Even that I tend to avoid. I much prefer to swim in fresh water. It was brilliant. The water was quite cold when you first got in, but it was actually very refreshing. We swam quite a distance, just splashing about in the still water. It reminded me how much I do like water, in so many ways. We have a love/hate relationship. Flooding frightens me a lot. But I love to swim in lakes and I love to go out on a row boat.

The day was topped off by a walk down the side of the mountain. We had an hour before it was due to go dark, so we set off down the hill. It’s a few kilometres to the town, so we didn’t expect we’d get that far – and we didn’t – but we did see how far we can get. The steepest, and most strenuous, part was right before we turned around. When we got back to the top we visited a hotel (which we weren’t sure we could go to, but turns out we could) to get a drink. Then walked the rest of the way in the twilight. It was dark by the time we got ‘home’ but that felt okay. Once we got past the bit straight after the hotel it was one long road uphill.

What a day. Walking, swimming, and more walking, it’s been exhausting, but it’s been worth it.

(I’m a day behind; should get to post todays tomorrow at some point, hopefully.)

Here are some photos from the day:

(I do love a good translation, this was at the entrance to a camping site we walked through.)

(The waterfall! My phone, and myself, were getting very wet at the moment it was taken.)


Italy Day Four: Cable Cars, Long walks and Little Internet

Once upon a time, having constant access to the internet didn’t matter. In 2009 I went to the USA for three months. I took with me a cheap phone and a cheap SIM card that allowed me to make calls and send messages. I couldn’t receive them, or vice versa, I can’t remember which. I didn’t even consider having internet. Our last few holidays have been to France, where even if we didn’t have internet in the house we stayed, we always found a McDonalds nearby to go to. Staying in Italy, in a house where Internet on your phone is patchy and there’s no WiFi is more challenging this time around than I thought it would be. It helps that I have a deal on my phone, £3 a day to get my UK tarriff. But having that little access only makes me want to have more. It’s hard to remember a time before, a world where Tweeting frequently and staying in touch was a given. It’s been four days of patchy internet and I’m already missing my stable connection.

Today we took a ride up Monte Baldo, right to the very top, all 1760 feet in the cable car. It was crowded and unless you fought for your place by a window, you got to see the backs of people’s heads. The view from the top was nice, but you couldn’t see everything the way you could on the journey. It’s like the people who set up the cable car decided that the destination was more important, when we didn’t stay long, the thing we paid for was the journey. As in life, it matters more than what’s at the end.

What we did see, however, was interesting. We spotted a flock of sheep running down a hill like it wasn’t the top of a mountainside. We saw paragliders running off the edge of the mountain. We also saw a small herd of alpacas living up top. It was a bizarre little world. Our car struggled to get less than halfway and yet there were vehicles, restaurants, and even a beaten up old property for sale. I wonder what life is like up there, for the people who have to drive, and anyone who would ever consider buying property there.

It is a shame we didn’t know more about the world above, because if we had we might have come more prepared. We let our sandwiches in the car at the bottom of the hill, and we came down early. For many, they made a day of the top of the mountain. They walked, they ate, they drank, and then they came back down.

But, the journey was worth it, no matter how short a time you spent at the top.

After the cable car, and our lunch, we went for a ride to another town. It was small and charged more for parking, and it was far inferior to the towns we have already been. We walked along the lake side hoping to find somewhere to go and have an ice cream. The walk was long and we saw little more than hotels and people sunbathing. We’re not sit by the pool sunbathing all day holidayers, so that was not an ideal location to be. Then we had to walk back again. Even less enthralling as we walked along the road.

I was glad to finally get some ice cream, however. They don’t do strawberry ice cream in the UK, not really. They do strawberry flavoured ice cream. It is not the same as ice cream made with strawberries. It’s such a refreshing taste, and I have not regretted one mouthful.

Here are some photos from the day:

(The view from the halfway point of the cable car route; our apartment is somewhere behind the trees behind the cable car. See how far we are from the town?!)

(Paragliders taking off from the top of Monte Baldo.)

(Another random translation – they mean machine to pay for parking!)

Italy Day Three: Pizza, Supermarkets and Translations

Today we set out with the intention of visiting Rive Del Garda. We wanted to go because it sounded nice, but then we found out about an event being held there with street food, so we didn’t make up our usual sandwich lunch, and we set off.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of signs for places, they don’t always make complete sense and we didn’t actually make it to the event. So, no street food. Luckily, we carried on driving (after having a wander around the town/a drink) and we found a quieter, lovely little place a few kilometres out. There we ate a slice of pizza for lunch that was the size of my face.

Anyone in the UK who has ever been to Greggs bakers know they do slices of pizza. It’s not square and it’s not that great. What I love about Italy is that you can pick up a slice of pizza anywhere you go, and it’s about the same price as buying one from Greggs. But this pizza is infinitely better!!!

We also made a trip to the supermarket, which may not sound very interesting, but I do like a good supermarket visit. Supermarkets are different in each country. Whilst the overall concept is the same, they all have baskets and trolleys, they all sell food from the country, and they all have (probably low paid) people sat behind tills serving customers.

What I’ve especially found different about supermarkets in this part of Italy is a) how few and far between them are, and b) how small they are. We’ve visited just two tiny ones, the size of a small shop (Tesco Express, Londis, etc.) in the UK. Today we managed to go to a regular sized supermarket (by regular I mean a larger Aldi/small Asda size).

As with lots of supermarkets, we had to weigh the fruit we bought – which we tried to do. Only to realise we needed the number assigned to the product. A little confusing. Then, after weighing the fruit and getting the labels for them, we realised we should have been wearing a plastic glove for picking the fruit up! We used our hands. Oops.

Other than products, it was a pretty average supermarket. It surprises me that Spar is a chain of supermarkets here, whereas in the UK it’s a chain of small shops you usually find are petrol stations.

I do miss the huge stores of the Carrefour in France (where we usually go). I always enjoy the bigger supermarket shopping experience.

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs over the last few days. I tend to get quite snap happy on holiday. I make sure I experience things too, but if it’s worth taking a photo of, chances are I will do it. I can take quite good photos, not necessarily through skill of using my fancy camera (I only know how to change the aperture, I want to do more, please), and tonight the light on the lake was perfect. It’s a pity I didn’t have my camera with me because I had to rely on my phone, and as great as the phone picture quality is (for a phone) nothing beats my DSLR.

One of my favourite things to take photos of, aside from scenery, is random signs and bad tanslations. When I say bad, I mean incorrect, because some of them are anything but terrible. They’re incredibly funny and somewhat beautiful.

A little late from yesterday as we didn’t go anywhere with decent WiFi. Here’s some photos:

(The view of the lake as the sun was going down.)

(Amazing translation!)

(Pizza the size of my face!)