Italy Day Three: Pizza, Supermarkets and Translations

Today we set out with the intention of visiting Rive Del Garda. We wanted to go because it sounded nice, but then we found out about an event being held there with street food, so we didn’t make up our usual sandwich lunch, and we set off.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of signs for places, they don’t always make complete sense and we didn’t actually make it to the event. So, no street food. Luckily, we carried on driving (after having a wander around the town/a drink) and we found a quieter, lovely little place a few kilometres out. There we ate a slice of pizza for lunch that was the size of my face.

Anyone in the UK who has ever been to Greggs bakers know they do slices of pizza. It’s not square and it’s not that great. What I love about Italy is that you can pick up a slice of pizza anywhere you go, and it’s about the same price as buying one from Greggs. But this pizza is infinitely better!!!

We also made a trip to the supermarket, which may not sound very interesting, but I do like a good supermarket visit. Supermarkets are different in each country. Whilst the overall concept is the same, they all have baskets and trolleys, they all sell food from the country, and they all have (probably low paid) people sat behind tills serving customers.

What I’ve especially found different about supermarkets in this part of Italy is a) how few and far between them are, and b) how small they are. We’ve visited just two tiny ones, the size of a small shop (Tesco Express, Londis, etc.) in the UK. Today we managed to go to a regular sized supermarket (by regular I mean a larger Aldi/small Asda size).

As with lots of supermarkets, we had to weigh the fruit we bought – which we tried to do. Only to realise we needed the number assigned to the product. A little confusing. Then, after weighing the fruit and getting the labels for them, we realised we should have been wearing a plastic glove for picking the fruit up! We used our hands. Oops.

Other than products, it was a pretty average supermarket. It surprises me that Spar is a chain of supermarkets here, whereas in the UK it’s a chain of small shops you usually find are petrol stations.

I do miss the huge stores of the Carrefour in France (where we usually go). I always enjoy the bigger supermarket shopping experience.

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs over the last few days. I tend to get quite snap happy on holiday. I make sure I experience things too, but if it’s worth taking a photo of, chances are I will do it. I can take quite good photos, not necessarily through skill of using my fancy camera (I only know how to change the aperture, I want to do more, please), and tonight the light on the lake was perfect. It’s a pity I didn’t have my camera with me because I had to rely on my phone, and as great as the phone picture quality is (for a phone) nothing beats my DSLR.

One of my favourite things to take photos of, aside from scenery, is random signs and bad tanslations. When I say bad, I mean incorrect, because some of them are anything but terrible. They’re incredibly funny and somewhat beautiful.

A little late from yesterday as we didn’t go anywhere with decent WiFi. Here’s some photos:

(The view of the lake as the sun was going down.)

(Amazing translation!)

(Pizza the size of my face!)


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