Dailycoaster day 10: a load of rubbish!

Have you ever had to check a coach for rubbish? I did it. I picked up a bottle and what I assumed to be an empty packet of tobacco (when it’s stuffed into the back of a seat, it looks like rubbish). Somehow in the mayhem of rain and getting everybody plus equipment inside, the bottle vanished and I thought nothing more of it.

Until I was told by one of my young people that they had lost their tobacco…who’s fault is that? I would say hers, does anyone disagree with me?

Actually got told off by The Beast for putting it in the bin. What am I supposed to do with rubbish? Check whose empty bottle it was? Or who dropped the little tiny bit of paper? No. So why would I check whose packet of tobacco it is?

Oh and after I’d had a cry about being told off for doing something that I believe was entirely justified…we found out the tobacco in the bottle wasn’t even the girl’s because they found it. So how stupid was all that?!

But at least my group did a great Question of Sport style presentation in front of their parents, it was fantastic.


Dailycoaster day 9: to lead or not to lead

I had a really good day. The young people I’ve been working with we’re at a school all day coaching the children in basketball skills, it was amazing to see them progress and to have them improve in confidence throughout the day.

The biggest downside was being told to take a step back when all I did was make sure the school children were put into two groups for the young people.

That didn’t go down well, apparently…yet when the woman teaching the young people how to coach did it, nobody batted an eyelid.

Contradiction much?!

Dailycoaster day 8: Nine years later

July 8th has some significance in this world for some people (I know it was yesterday, but I was tired).

Nine years ago, Delta Goodrem was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at just 18. For any of her fans they understand the significance of the day.

In the song Extraordinary Day, Delta sang about the day that turned her life around. The lyrics really portray how frightening and world changing a cancer diagnosis can be. Thy say 90% of songs are actually about sex but it’s amazing for someone like Delta to constantly create music in the 10% that isn’t.

Nine years ago Delta was battling cancer and thankfully she won because today, nine years on, she’s stronger than ever before and it’s amazing to see the beautiful teenager just as beautiful at twenty-seven.

Dailycoaster day 7: Beauty and the Beast, the remix

Some things in life never change, such is The Beast. Having worked this same programme a year ago I was not allowed to take 6 out of my 12 young people when going out in the town centre, I had to take 4 whilst my partner took 8. I’ve been in charge of more than 8 young people before. It’s frustrating. There’s no trust there, there’s no understanding that my role doesn’t mean I have no experience, it merely means I’m less confident.

On the flip side, once again, my group are lovely and so is The Beast’s assistant. If I had to choose one of the two to observe/help with the session I’m doing tomorrow night (for which I don’t feel I need any help at all) I would choose Beauty. I dread the thought of getting The Beast. I try to change what is in the booklet because I want to bring something different to my group…I feel it will work fine, we’ll see what The Beast thinks if she observes. Her controlling nature suggests she may pull me up on going off course…

She told someone else off for eating their own food.

What the actual fuck?! It’s okay to eat your own food. If you’re on a diet (like this person is) then you should be able to. If you don’t like certain foods (like I don’t like Chinese) then why should you have to pick at a meal you won’t like at all?! Firstly, a waste of food. Secondly, we deserve and have a right to a decent meal.

She said herself that the young people all have a right to get an equal amount from this project, that no one should be left behind because they don’t understand words or sentences that we use.

Where’s the understanding for us?

And quite frankly, quiet people should not “GROW A PAIR” that’s like telling a noisy person to not talk. She has no concept what so ever of what it is like to be shy and lack self esteem in confidence. That much is so very clear that it frustrates me. Where is her walking a mile in someone else’s shoes? Where is her empathy?

The battle with The Beast is sure to commence today…

NB: and buying me Chewitts is a nice gesture, but it will not and never will make up for this crap.

Dailycoaster day 6: beauty and the beast!

There are some wonderful people in this world, even teenagers, who are just rays of sunshine and so mature. I’m so thrilled to be working with such an amazing group made up of funny, smart and crazy people.

On the flip side of the coin is The Beast, the person who tells me what to do…and does so to an infuriating degree. To question someone’s knowledge is one thing, to make unfair comments in front of young people is another entirely.

I wish I could expand further, but The Beast will have to remain as many beasts are, hidden and mysterious.

Just know that there’s little chance of this beast turning into a beauty any time soon.

Day one…patience is wearing thin…just another 10 days to go…

Dailycoaster day 5: foooood!

I love food. That’s no secret, it probably never will be. I’m very open about my love of food. I’m fussy, but what I like, I adore considerably. This week I’ve had lots of yummy meals cooked by myself and my mother. Which will be a far cry from the meals of the next few days.


I’m going to be living in student accommodation from Friday until Tuesday. When I say live there, I mean I’m going to be sharing a flat with a bunch of sixteen year olds. I hope they can cook. I hope they haven’t chosen a Chinese night (unless there’s some chicken which I can steal and make my own something from). I don’t mind, I did the same thing last year, three lots, and I survived. Though I did learn to bring my own food. I had pasta more than once. The sixteen year olds wondered why, but thankfully I had a very valid excuse. I wasn’t there when they ordered the food!


So, as someone who loves food, I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. Will I be sharing a flat with teenagers who eat healthily or have tons of snacks? Will there be evening meals I’ll dislike and have to have beans on toast all week? Will they cook me perfect meals every night? We’ll see.


Thank God I’m bringing my own chocolate…

Dailycoaster day 4: Beaver Scouts

Do you have anything in life which makes you groan when you consider it? That’s how I’ve been feeling about Beaver Scouts of late.

I enjoy working with the children, don’t get me wrong. I adore them, even the difficult ones. We simply don’t have the man power in order to control them. With two very difficult children and the rest unwilling to partake in most activities we plan for them (how many times can I tell them we don’t just play football at beavers?!) it’s a battle each and every week.

Most Wednesday’s I wake up with the dread in the pit of my stomach that it’s a Beavers day. I usually don’t have anything planned – simply because they won’t want to do what I plan anyway and even if they do, one or two of them will make it really difficult to even get through the instructions.

As usual, this week has left me feeling despondent about the prospect of Beavers. More so because my assistant is on holiday. I’d emailed out last week to ask for help from the other leaders and no one had got back to me. I checked my emails and oh look, I had one from the Group Scout Leader’s wife about something completely unconnected. I asked her about help and she said she didn’t know what to do.

So I was left with no other option but to cancel.

Once upon a time I would have felt a little sad. Instead, I rejoiced at the mere thought of freedom. I sent a message out to all of the parents from the comfort of my bed, I stayed in my pyjamas and I spent the whole day catching up on episodes of Home and Away. I was safe in the knowledge that I didn’t need to think about frustrating children.